The Beacon Journal Monday June 13 , 1988 Page B7 Demand for Astrologers up by Regina Brett Beacon Journal business writer At the age of 4, a "spirit" carried her out of a burning building to safety. When she was 12, she said, she told her father he would die soon. Two days 'later he died of a heart attack. She claims the ability to foresee births, deaths, divorces and even winning streaks for the Cleveland Indians. Gladice Smalley has been called "everything clairvoyant, palm reader, astrologer and born psychic. Her dad used to say she had "spooks," but Mrs.Smalley sees her power as a positive one. "I know what I have is what God gave me," she said. Mrs. Smalley, 56, opened business in 1974 as a clairvoyant, palm reader and astrologer. She now works out of her September Road home in Akron. But 'she doesn't rely solely on her own abilities. Her bookcases are full of guides for the planets and stars, a crystal ball and cards. "If you want to know your inside soul, get into astrology and you will. Astrology will help you know yourself, she said. "Astrology is a predictive science. It's like learning to do the weather, except that those who are born psychics have a much higher accuracy rate. Fees range from $20 10 $35 for various types of readings and services including a crystal ball, bio rhythms, character charts, numerology or card I know my planets. If you do it everyday, you learn it extensively," she noted I am not a fortuneteller. I'm a very normal person. ....and a private person," she added. At times she is mobbed for advice when people learn she is a psychic, but she's learned to live with her ability and to make a living off it. "The first year you don't make money. After that, you can make a lot," she said. It takes about $3,000 to purchase the books and equipment needed to set up shop. A good astrologer can make $25,000 to $40,000 a year, according to professional astrologer Joanne Stover. Ms. Stover uses a computer to analyze personalities and can mathematically calculate the locations of the planets. "Astrology is something that is not easy to learn, but it can be learned," she said. It takes about 36 weeks of instruction a to learn all 10 planets, 12 houses and 12 astrological signs and how they all in tea grate. "My students do 200 charts before they can start to charge a fee for it," Ms. Stover said. Ms. Stover teaches at the Acorn Grows metaphysical bookstore in Akron: and has 19 students in classes in Wooster, Massillon and Akron. Some local school systems have contacted Ms. Stover to teach continuing-education classes. This area is a hot spot one of the, best places for metaphysics in the country, she said, Membership in local astrological groups is growing, with 40 in the Akron Astrological Society, 35 in the Medina, Astrological Research Society and 40 in the Canton Aquarian Age Encounter, son, she added. At times she is mobbed for advice when people learn she is a psychic, but she's learned to live with her ability and to make a living off it. According to Ms. Stover. Nationally, about 4,000 astrologers are expected to attend the American Federation of Astrologers celebration of its 50th birthday in July. With the recent attention by the media concerning the White House reliance on astrologers, local astrologers and psychics are picking up business. Mrs. Smalley wasn't surprised when the public found out that President and Nancy Reagan consult astrologers she said she had already known it's going to make a lot of astrologers money," she said. But Reagan isn't the only leader who looked to the planets for advice. Adolph Hitler used astrologers; so did Abraham Lincoln and a few other presidents, including Martin Van Buren, Mrs. Smalley said. During the Goodyear takeover attempt, at least three of the company's top executives came to see her on separate occasions to find out if Sir James Goldsmith would succeed in his hostile bid. After much concentration, she said, she was able to predict that Goldsmith would not succeed. Mrs. Smalley has done readings for hundreds of clients ranging from ministers to television show producers, police officers and broadcasters. General Tire al and Firestone employees came to her to find out which state they might have to relocate to. But some calls are for black magic In and using negative forces, with which Mrs. Smalley refuses to tamper. Even so, her readings are not always positive. Some clients come to her with Th painful issues unfaithful spouses, child abuse in their past. One of her clients killed himself; Mrs. Smalley, said she had prior knowledge the suicide would occur. She now has one client who she said will soon be in prison."No one can change your life but you," Mrs. Smalley said. Some want her to perform miracles; she merely gives direction and advises when is the best time to act. To complement her natural psychic abilities, Mrs. Smalley went too astrology classes at the University of Akron and from area tutors. She now lectures at Kent State University, writes for the Inner City News and works about 45 hours a week. To develop psychic abilities, Mrs. Smalley encourages people to rely on their first thoughts and to stop rationalizing. As for astrology, "When people see the evolvement needed, they don't want to learn it," she said.

04 Mar 1932 1
New Kenningston, PA 1
26 Feb 2001 1
At Home 1

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Full Name:
Gladice Verlene Sarvey 1
04 Mar 1932 1
New Kenningston, PA 1
Female 1
26 Feb 2001 1
At Home 1
Cause: Cancer 1
Place: Akron, Summit, Ohio 1
Mother: Catherine Marie Thiel 1
Father: Boyd Alexander Sarvey 1
James Lenard May 1
06 Oct 1983 1
Akron, Summit, Ohio 1
James Smalley 1
31 Aug 1974 1
Akron, Summit, Ohio 1
Divorce Date: 1980 1
Spouse Death Date: 07 Dec 1994 1
Richard August Bower 1
1948 1
Akron, Summit, Ohio 1
Divorce Date: 1952 1
Spouse Death Date: 12 Sep 1990 1
10 Oct 1952 1
Jan 1965 1
Charles Edward weber 1
Akron, Summit, Ohio 1

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Gladice Verlene Sarvey

New Kenningston, PA

Gladice Verlene Sarvey

Gladice was born on a Friday that was rainy day, Boyd Sarvey came from Vandergriff, Pa. to New Kennington, Pa. stayed over night at the hospital.
Gladice (Sarvey) Smalley-May
Cancer takes Physics Gladice Smalley-May, Monday Feb. 26 2001
She is Survived by her Husband of 16 years James L. May; sister Pearl Stearns of Glassport Pa., brother Jack Sarvey of Leachburgh Pa., sister Cathryn Sproull of Calif., daughters Judy L. Bower of Akron & Christine E. (Weber) Hochevar of Sheffield Lake, Ohio; sons Richard A. Bower of FL; Boyd Bernard Weber of Lorain OH; Larry E. Weber MN; Charles E. Weber of Sheffield Lake, OH & David R. Weber of Stow, OH.
Funeral services will be held at Shuemesser Funeral Home, 600 East Turkeyfoot Lake Road, Uniontown, Ohio Saturday March 3, 2001 with Rev. Winston Pike officiating. Gladice will be shown here on Thurs., March 1st & Fri. March 2nd from 2-5 PM & 7-9 PM Gladice will be entombed at Greenlawn Cemetery in Uniontown, Ohio. Any cards or condolences, you may send to 1582 Steese Road Uniontown, OH 44685. God Bless Gladice Smalley-May. 

Columbus Dispatch
SMALLEY-MAY Gladice Smalley-May, well known astrologer, died February 26, 2001 in Akron. Calling hours Thursday and Friday 2-5 and 7-9 P.M. at the SCHERMESSER FUNERAL HOME, 600 E. Turkeyfoot Lake Rd., Akron, Ohio 44319, 330-724-9351, where funeral service will be held Saturday 10:30 A.M.

Green psychic dies of cancer
By Nicole Morgan Beacon Journal staff writer
GREEN: Gladice Smalley-May, a psychic and astrologer who made predictions for many Akron-area residents for more than 40 years, died of cancer Monday. She was 68. "She had mentioned to me that she was going to look at her own chart to see when she would die," said her best friend, Lynn Johnston. " And, from what her son told me, she was only a week off."
The difference between Smalley-May and a late night commercial psychic was that her gift was real and she wanted to help people, said Johnston of Akron "She saved my mother's life," Johnston said. She explained that a man who was going to drive
her mother to Florida until a warning came from Smalley-May  had a stroke in the car as Johnston drove instead. If he was driving as planned, they "would have had a serious accident."
Smalley-May realized she was psychic when she was 4. She told her father that one of his friends who was playing cards at the house should stay awhile, or he would die on his car trip home. No one listened because she was a child, but unfortunately she was right.
"People would come from all over the country, and Japan and Europe to see her. They were doctors, lawyers, and police officers, and a stockbroker from New York would call her the first of every year for 18 years," Johnston said.
Smalley-May is survived by her husband of 17 years, James May; daughters Judy L. Bower of Akron and Christine E. Hochevar of SheffieldLake; sons Richard A. Bower of Clearwater, Fla., Boyd Bernard Weber of Lorain, Larry E. Weber of Minnesota, Charles E. Weber of SheffieldLake, David R. Weber of Stow, and stepdaughters Melanie of Arizona, Pam, and Tammy May of Akron.  Gladice Smalley-May
God's special angels came to carry away Gladice Verlene (Sarvey) Smalley-May into his loving arms on Feb. 26, 2001.
She lived most of her life in the Akron area, and was a well-known astrologer for over 40 years.
Gladice Verlene Sarvey was born March 4, 1932, in New Kennington, Pa. She was preceded in death by her parents, Catherine M. (Theil) Miller and Boyd A. Sarvey; her brother, Bob Sarvey, in 1993; granddaughters, Rachel Hochevar in 1976 and Christina Bower in 1968; and great-granddaughter, Caroline Brittany McGraw-Bower, in 1989.
She is survived by her husband of 17 years, James L. May; sister, Peart Stearns of Glassport, Pa.; brother, Jack Sarvey of Leachburgh, Pa.; sister, Catheryn Sproull of California; daughter, Judy L. Bower of Akron; sons, Richard A. Bower of Clearwater, Fla., Boyd Bernard Weber of Lorain, Ohio; daughter, Christine E. (Weber) Hochevar of Sheffield Lake, Ohio; sons, Larry E. Weber of  Minnesota, Charles E. Weber of Sheffield Lake, and David R. Weber of Stow; many nieces and nephews; grandchildren, Tina, Sherri, Vicki, Ricky, Timothy, Tracy, Joe, Brent, Justin, Nicholas, Adam, Zachary, Tyler, Jessica, Brandon, Holly, and Daniel; great-grandchildren, Nathan, Mathew, Anthony, Brandon, Samantha, Ricky Jr., Ryan, Timothy Finn Jr., Shawn, Jeremy, Ashley, and Brittney Rose; stepdaughters, Melanie May of Arizona, Pam May and Tammy May of Akron; step grandchildren, Christina, Wesley, and Jeffrey, all of whom will miss her terribly and whose hearts will be partly empty until they join her at Heaven's door.

To Those I Love And Those Who Love Me
When I am gone, release me, let me go;
I have so many things to see and do.

You mustn't tie yourself to me with tears
Be happy that we had so many years.

I gave you my love, you can only guess
How much you gave to me in happiness.

I thank you for the love you each have shown
But now it's time I traveled alone.

So grieve awhile for me, if grieve you must
Then let your grief be comforted by trust
It's only for awhile that we must part
So bless the memories within your heart.

I won't be far away, for life goes on,
So if you need me, call and I will come.

Though you can't see or touch, me "
I'll be near, And if you listen with your heat
You'll hear all my love around you soft and clear
And then when you must come this way alone,
I'll greet with a smile and "Welcome Home."

Funeral services Saturday 10:30 A.M., at the SCHERMESSER Funeral Home, 600 E. Turkeyfoot Lake Rd. (Route 619), with Rev. Winston Pike officiating. Entombment at Greenlawn Memorial Park Calling hours Thursday, 2 to 5 an 7 to 9 P.M., and Friday, 2 to 5 an 7 to 9 P.M. Condolences may be sent to 1582 Steese Rd., Uniontown 44685, C/O Tina Vaughan. (SCHERMESSER, City of Green 330- 724-9351.)

Dear Gladice
We’ll think of you often
And look to heaven everyday
But there is very little
That will seem worthwhile to say

It’ll either rain or not
It’s either cold or hot
Our news is uninteresting
Or else has all been told
But what matters is you are there
And we are there
Without you
And it’s lonely everywhere

So we kneel beside your bed
And end a tiring day
We’ll lay our heads in weary hands
And tears fall as we pray
Dear God unworthy though we are
We’ll ask one thing of Thee
Hold the one you miss tonight

Help her remember me
For God we cannot come to her
Or take her by the hand
But Lord you can comfort her
Help her understand
Until we meet again
For even though we are apart
We love her God
By Your Grandson Tim Finn 2-26-01

Gladice Verlene Sarvey

Akron, Summit, Ohio

crystle ball.png

 Akron Beacon Journal Monday November 6, 2000
Astrologer Gladice Smalley-May of Green predicts a close victory for AI Gore, who's a Cancer on the astrological charts. It's a less favorable moment for an Aries like George W. Bush, she believes.

Heavens may know how the voting will go But local astrologers are divided on the big race .
By Jim Carney Beacon Journal. staff writer
Astrologer Gladice Smalley- May doesn't need a pollster to ; know which way the election will go.
She looks to the heavens and examines the stars. Smalley-May, who lives in Green, has studied the astrological charts of the presidential candidates and has a vision of what the stars say regarding this down-to-the-wire election.
"This is Gore and Lieberman's year," she said. "It is not Bush's year."
A myriad of polls attempting to gage the election have come up with as many answers as stars in the sky. Meanwhile, astrologers, psychics, readers and mediums

Please see Heavens, A12 Unfortunately,' she says
Continued from Page A1.
mediums are using their senses and understanding in search of insights.
Smalley-May, like others in the business of trying to make sense of the well verse, Is fascinated by this year's election.
"Bush is an Aries and Gore is a Cancer and they both have Leo rising, and I'm going to be honest with you," She said. "When the moon is in a void course, that means there is no planet aspect ing the moon." And what does all that mean? To Smalley-May, she believes the stars are lined up for a close race. Others are not as clear as to what it all means.
Jo Anne Stover, an Akron astrologer, has been looking at the astrological readings of the United States of America, using July 4, 1776, as her starting point. "The moon for the United States is in a sign of Aquarius and right now we have Uranus sitting on the moon - it means something sudden, unusual dramatic change," said Stover. "We haven't had Uranus in that position for 84 years." . Stover, 53, said she has never been good at predicting elections, but this year, She thinks It looks good for Bush "but I can't rule out that Gore would be OK, too. As for the two candidates, Stover said her reading of the planets tell her a few things fit seems like Al Gore is inflexible and George W. has the moon and sign of Libra and the Libra is a Sign of peace so he wants things to go smoothly, said Stover.
Whatever happens, she said, "everybody is going to be surprised with the new leadership. According to Stover, astrology is a tool to use to investigate personality traits. of  "In reality, it is a concept that gently guides us, much like a blueprint or road map," she said. "We always have free will."
Kathy Tyrity, a 46 year-old .Akron psychic who readings, Said she can see pictures of a things to come when She closes  her eyes. "Unfortunately. I see Bush. she said. "I. close my eyes and I see Bush Winning." And what does she see of AI Gore? 
"I see him having a couple of beers after the election," she said. But she also sees an umbrella, and to her, an umbrella is a sign of bad times coming. and . "There will be conflict, she said.
Psychic Pat Beers uses what she calls psychometry to look into the realm of the unknown. I  hold onto something that belongs someone and take vibrations, she said. And if she has nothing to hold onto, she looks at pictures of the candidates for her reading. My gut feeling is that Gore  probably will win," said Beers, 54, of Lake Township. And when she looks at Gore, I hate to see it, but I see a scared young man, she said. And when I look at Bush, I don't trust him. Beers uses her instincts to decide about things like trust. We are all very intuitive,  she said. "We're born with it. . . . But some of us can't turn it off."
Describing herself as a psychic medium, Carol Wise, 61, of s Canton, said she meditated about the election to help her decide whom she would vote for. I sat down and did meditation where I relaxed my body and said a prayer for God to  guide me with insight into these two presidential potentials and that he guide me with the best information," she said. There were pluses about both major candidates, she said. And when her time of meditating was over, she decided she would vote for Gore.
"I always trust what God gives me," she said. Most voters use the same kind of process to make a decision in the voting booth, she said. Most call it their gut feeling, she said.  Astrologer Smalley-May, 68, who said she has successfully beat non-Hodgkins lymphoma, said when she looks at the charts of all the candidates, there is much information there. Lieberman, she said, is "a very angelic person."
Bush, she said, only has feelings for himself and vice presidential candidate Dick Cheney is a money man. our Grandson Tim Finn 2-26-01

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