Served in WW11. Recieved the Bronze Star. Fought in the Battle of the Bulge under Gen. Patton.


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Personal Details

Full Name:
Robert A. Fire 1
Also known as:
Robby 1
Steel worker 1
Catholic 1
Race or Ethnicity:
Italian,parents were immigants. 1

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  1. Contributed by bflateau001


An Unsung Hero


My father Robert Fire was an unsung "Hero".  He fought on many fronts.  In Germany he was "decoy", sent out to run the street so his fellow soilers could flush out enemy fire.  He came close many times to being killed, but that was War.  In the Battle of the Bulge he endured severe hardship as many others did in the freezing cold.  His were frozen and never regained their normal color.  He was a small Italian man who carried his "Bazooka" from front to front..Amoung his awards, he was pround of his BRONZE STAR>  However he never spoke of his time in The War, until his late years. 

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