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Crawford Expedition to Sandusky June 1782


Gathering information about men from Washington County, Pennsylvania who went on the expedition to Sandusky with Col. William Crawford in May and June of 1782. Particularly interested in those who were killed but not mentioned in the published accounts of the expedition.


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Pennsylvania Archives Series 6, II Sandusky

Washington County, Pennsylvania

David Andrews Certificate 13.999 dated 9 FEb 1787
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"David Andrews, private, Captain Duncan McGeehan's Company (Washington) ML Cert. 836   


In the published Pennsylvania Archives, 6th, II, p.398, the name David Andrew appears (followed by the editors notation, "killed on the expedition" in the company roll of Captain David Reed's Company.  My investigation, however, has determined that Reed never led a company on the campaign.  The company led by Captain Duncan McGeehan on the expedition, on the other hand, does not include David Andrews name in the Pa, th, II, 394.  My conclusion is that the librarian-editor mistakenly placed Andrews voucher in the wrong company.  The original voucher, however, indicated that Andrews died during or as the result of the campaign, and consequently the notation after his name is correct.  After the original vouchers were found in 1873, C.W. Butterfield went to Harrisburg to see them, and copied the words "Widow Mary desires pay" (See Butterfield Scrapbooks Series 3 No 3 p. 63, in Notebook DD Item 3307)"


From: Rev. Parker Boyd Brown; A Compiliation of Notes on Western Revolutionary War Militia and Wood Rangers associated with the Sandusky Expediton of 1782 (Browns's Blue Books) Abbing through Ayers pp 21,22, Box 35, folder 4 (1984); Frontier Revolutionary Collection MSS 1055; Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, Ohio. 

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From: 25 May1782 1
To: 14 June 1782 (date of discharge of troops) 1
Also known as: Crawford's Defeat 1
Location: Beginning at Mingo Bottom 1

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