(1743-1831) Married to Elizabeth HENDERSON


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David BOYD, Revolutionary War service

1759/60 Returned from captivity by the Indians.

1770 After his return from the Indians, he located in of near the town of Carlisle. In 1770 he surveyed land bought by his uncle, Robert URIE (#1141). He acquired land for himself in Newton Twp., Chester Co. and the same year he was paying taxes in East Pennsboro Twp, Cumberland Co.

[Mame E. Wood Collection]

1771 Married Elizabeth HENDERSON, daughter of Thomas and Eleanor Henderson of Toboyne Twp., Cumberland Co. After their marriage they settled near Silver Spring (not far from Carlisle).

United with the Presbyterian Church under the ministrations of the Rev. Samuel WAUGH at Silver Spring. He was an elder of the church and one of the straightest of the sect.


14 Jul 1775 Enlisted as a private in Capt. James Chamber 's Co., Col. William

Thompson 's Battalion of Expert Riflemen; and re-enlisted in Capt. James

Grier 's Co. same Regiment (1 Jul 1776).

This command became in Jan 1776, the First Regiment of the United Colonies, commanded by Gen. George Washington.

[Mamie E. Wood Genealogy]

[see Colonial Records of Penn., Vol. 10, pp.356-7]

[see McCauley's Historical Sketch of Franklin Co., pp.122-3]

[see Stelle history]

1775 Card File in Compiled Military Service Records

Boyd, David

1st Regiment Continental Troops (Pennsylvania). Private

- Appears on a recruiting account of Capt. Grier

- Appears with the rank of ____ on a list of the mens names enlisted

in Capt. Grier's Comp,y for the term of two years from the first

of July next. Listed date, 3 June 1776

- David Boyd, Pvt, Capt. Charles Craig's Company. Appears on Company pay roll of the organization named above, for the month of Jan, 1776. Amount, L 2 (2 pounds).

["General Index to Compiloed Military Service Records of Rev. War Soldiers",

Boy - - Brown, Joh. National Archives]

1775 Col. William Thompson's Battalion of Riflemen

Roll of Capt. James Chamber's Company


Boyd, David

[Penn. Archives, 2nd Series, Vol. X, p.14-18]

1 Jul 1776 Roll of Captain James Grier's Company

(1st Pennsylvania, Continental Line)


Boyd, David*

*Enlisted for two years from 1 Jul, 1776

[Penn. Archives, 2nd Series, Vol X, p.344-346]

He served continuously throughout the war, having enlisted three times. He was engaged at the bloody field of Brandywine, saw the crossing of the Delaware, and surprise at Trenton. He was at Valley Forge during the terrible winter, when the blood from the bare feet of the soldiers marked the frozen ground. He told of the elation of the army on the arrival of Lafayette, bringing hopes of succes from France. He was in the army of Gates when Burgoyne surrendered at Saratoga in 1777, and was also with Washington when Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown. He had the rank of lieutenant.

[Mame E. Wood Collection, Penn. Gen. Soc., FC/BOYD Ireland/PA/MD/NJ/NY.]

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