Revolutionary War Continental Troops Malcolm's Regiment

Conflict Period:
Revolutionary War 1
17 Sep 1750 1
Chester County, Pennsylvania 1

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17 Sep 1750 1
Chester County, Pennsylvania 1

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Revolutionary War


John McPIke Service and Pension Record dated March 1834 Adams County, Ohio--stated born in Chester County, PA on September 17, 1750, moved to York County in 1792, then Virginia in 1823 then to Adams County, Ohio.

1781 Return of Taxables, York County, Pennsylvania, 98 acres.

John McPike, York County, Pennsylvania--Head of families of the first Census of the United States 1790.

John McPike, 1810 United States Census, Harrisonburg, Rockingham, Virginia 0/0/0/0/1  0/0/0/0/1

John McPike, 1820 United States Federal CEnsus, St. Ann's Parish, Albermerle, Virginia 0/0/0/0/0/1/ 0/0/0/0/1

Sister of John McPike is Sarah McPike:

SARAH MCPIKE—born 175?, Pennsylvania —American Genealogical Biographical Index


SARAH MCPIKE— York county, Pennsylvania —Head of families of the first census of the United States 1790


SARAH MCPEAK-- Adams County deed books, volume C, pages 429-431, dated 1805.  This specific record appears to establish clear title to a piece of land, part of the original Manor of Maske, occupied by Sarah McPeak. The deed references actions taken in 1797, which apparently initiated the clarification of title to the property.  This "indenture" was between Honorable John Penn and Honorable Richard Penn, both of Great Britain, and Sarah McPeak.  The deed mentions that the land is adjacent to that of Conrad Hoke, and describes the boundaries by reference to various trees and stones.

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