22 Dec 1950 1
Aug 1971 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Nathaniel Elcan Jr. 2
Also known as:
Boomer 2
Full Name:
Nathaniel Elcans 1
22 Dec 1950 1
Aug 1971 1
Son of Nathaniel"bayman/Nate"Elcan;brother of Ronnie,Ricky,and Darlene and Lester and Kirk 2
Race or Ethnicity:
Negro 2
Beloved Son and Brother 2
Social Security:
Social Security Number: ***-**-9583 1

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A Smoke Down The road

Somwhere in Tennessee On grandpa's fram

My Brothers Boomer and Ronnie,Was on the farm with me ,our pop's Nate and his daddy; grandpa. I was from out of town, they are my brothers from another mother, we was all on grandpop's farm because grandmoma had passed away and since i was the oldest of my dad's from his current wife i guessed he needed me to meet my kins,well on one of them nights Boomer and Ronnie had me stealing grandpa's ciga'. the next morning we  had taken that walk down the road where them two had smoked it and threw it down .well!! you should had seen and heard all things that was said when we had gotton back. The next thing i knew, we was walking back down and up that dirt road looking to give grandpa his ciga' BACK! I was so scard even later that mornig I'd misstaking putting vic rubb in my hair instead of hair grease that was a laugh for everybody. even grandpa. My most memorable thought.. Thinkin of you bro! "Nathaniel 'Boomer' Elcans AKA Nathaniel Elcan Jr.


                                                                                   Your Lil Bro,

                                                                                                  Lester Elcan

It has been forty years since that moment but I still think of that time. a few years after that morning Boomer had passed away and I haven't seem or heard from Ronnie. I have tried calling my brother but he has yet to hit me back..I really would like to know if he remember that walk down grandpa dirt road.

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