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  • Andersonville Prison & Cemetery
<div>Andersonville Prison: Flanders</div>
<div>Union Prisoners @ Andersonville</div>
<div>ANDERSONVILLE PRISON; Or CAMP SUMTER as it was officially known, was one of the largest of many Confederate military prisons established during the Civil War. During the 14 months that the prison existed, more than 45,000 Union Soldiers were confined there. Of these, almost 13,000 died from disease, poor sanitation, malnutrition, overcrowding, or exposure to the elements. Available shelter was reduced to crude shelters, huts made of scrap wood, tent fragments or simple holes dug in the ground. Many had no shelter of any kind against the elements. No clothing was provided and many prisoners were left with rags or nothing at all.

A prison for enlisted soldiers, it was designed to hold 10,000 but by August, 1864, the prison population had swelled to over 32,000. With these unspeakable miserable conditions, almost 30 percent of the prisoners died during it's 14 month existance.

FLANDERS, CHARLES L; Union Army, 1st. Mass. Heavy Artillery, Reg. #1, Co. E, Pvt. Buried in National Cemetery,  (Grave #3451)
Capture Date; 6/22/1864, Captured at; Petersburg, Va.</div>

<div>Residence Amesbury MA; 27 years old. Enlisted on 7/5/1861 at Amesbury, MA as a Private. On 7/5/1861 he mustered into "E" Co. MA. 1st. Heavy Artillery He died of disease as POW on 7/17/1864 at Andersonville, GA He was listed as:  Wounded 6/22/1864 Petersburg, VA

FLANDERS, LEWIS G; Union Army, 20th. Maine Infantry, Regiment #20, Co. E, Pvt. Buried in National Cemetery,  (Grave #69)
Residence Waldoboro ME; 18 years old.
Enlisted on 8/29/1862 as a Private.
On 8/29/1862 he mustered into "E" Co. Maine 20th. Infantry
He died a POW on 1/27/1864 at Andersonville, GA
He was listed as: POW 7/10/1863 (place not stated)

FLANDERS, Nathan; Union Army, 14th. Illinois Infantry, Regiment #14, Co. E, Pvt. Held at Andersonville and Released, (Also 15th. Reg. Exchanged Millen, GA. April 5, 1865) FLANDERS, ORLANDO; Union Army, 9th. New Hampshire Infantry, Regiment #9, Co. F, Pvt, Buried in National Cemetery, Grave #6678</div>

<div>Capture Date; 5/12/1864, Capture Site; Spottsylvania, Va, Residence Hennicker NH; 18 years old. Enlisted on 6/17/1862 as a Private. On 8/5/1862 he mustered into "F" Co. New Hampshire 9th. Infantry He died of disease as POW on 8/25/1864 at Andersonville, GA He was listed as: POW Warrenton, VA (date not stated) Returned 2/22/1863 (place not stated) *POW 5/12/1864 Spotsylvania Court House, VA born in Henniker, NH

FLANDERS, William R; Union Army, 29th. Missouri Infantry, Regiment 29, Co. H, Pvt.</div>

<div>Held at Andersonville and Survived, Exchanged, Nov. 14, 1864</div>
<div>Residence was not listed; Enlisted as a Private (date unknown). He also had service in: "H" Co. Missouri, 29th. Infantry Buried: Delano Cemty, DeKalb Co., MO </div>
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