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Travel Diary of David S Kline

  • Denver, CO to Luzerne, PA

A short travel diary of D S Kline of Craig, CO.
(Visiting at 603 Schuyler Ave, Kingston, PA.   David was 72 years old when he took this trip back east to  visit friends and family.  He had moved west in 1918 with 2 of his sons and his daughter, and homesteaded a farm in Colorado).

I Left Craig, Colorado on  November 29, 1926, 6 PM
Arrived at Denver 8:30 am
November  30-- left Denver 3:45 pm via Burlington RR
Dec 1, 1926, Arrived Chicago abt 8:pm
Left Chicago via MCRR 12:05 am arrived at Buffalo 2:30 pm
Left Buffalo 11:05 pm, reaching Wilkes-Barre 4:50 am December 3rd.

Dec 30  quinine tabs .25
  Corn cure .25
  Vapo rub .32
Dec 31  car fare .08
and grapes .10
Jan 6  haircut  .25
Jan 13  candy  .10
  Shoe strings .05
Jan 30  carfare  .60
  Quinine tabs .25
  Laundry .35
  Corn cure .10
Feb 1  carfare  .24
  Carfare  .30
  Brushes .80
Feb 28  Sleeve
Holders .10
Mar 2  NY To
Pennington, NJ
Carfare  1.99
  Fare to NY 5.52
  Bus fare  .40
Mar 9  carfare  3.59
Mar 12  cough syrup .65
  Cough drops .05
  Carfare  .16
  Carfare  .16
Mar 23  candy  .15
  Envelopes .09
April 6  carfare  .26

Dec 21--Went to Nanticoke on trolley
Dec 22-Went to Wanamie to see Morgans.  George was there too.  Took supper at Dan Morgan's
Dec 24-Came back to  Homer's house ( Homer was his son)
 Went to Christmas Eve exercises at the church
Dec 25 --dinner at Homer's, supper with Jones's at Westmoor
Dec 26-Sunday School at Dorrance town
Dec 27-Walked to see Amanda (his sister)
Dec 29-at Homers.  Walked out some
Dec 30--Walked to Wilkes Barre and called on Edith Case.  Kept Lorraine while Homer and Ethel went to Prayer meeting.

Jan 1, Nanticoke to dinner-turkey!  Present were John, Amanda, Maggie,( his siblings) Homer, Ethel, Lorraine and myself.
Jan 2-went to church and Sunday School and taught class while Mr Van Orden taught boys.  Went home with Mr Van Orden.  Stayed until Monday eve. Met Mr Frantz.
Jan 4-wrote home.  Helped Ethel with the wash.  Met Will Willever on the avenue.
Jan 5-walked to South Street Bridge and back-weather still mild.  Light snow at night.
Jan 6-Fire on Reynolds Street, #236.    Got a haircut at Baileys.  .25cents.  Called at Williams and Werkensons.  Went to prayer meeting.
Jan 7-We went to see Van Scoys, but they were not in, so went to  Pitt( Pittman Barton) Edwards. ( brother of David's deceased wife)
Jan 8-Walked to Wilkes-Barre & back
Jan 9-Went to church and Sunday school at Baptist  church.
Jan 10-at Homers.  Worked washer for Ethel.  Went to Lydia's
Jan 12--Called at Evans' 122 Bennett Street.
Jan 13-Took dinner at Russells.  Received a letter from Harold at home with a $10 check.  Prayer meeting at the Baptist church.
Jan 14--Wrote to Harold (one of his sons in Colorado) and Mr Habel
Jan 15-Snowed all day
Jan 16-Went to Sunday school and church at Dorrancetown and to see Amanda at the "Home"  (she was living in an Old Ladies Home by that time)  The First Baptist Church at Wilkes-Barre was destroyed by fire .I heard   Jennie Lynd  and Willy of South India speak at the Dorrancetown church.
Jan 17-helped Ethel with washing again.  The weather was fair.
Jan 18-Homer and Ethel took me to Nanticoke tonight.  I stayed here at Nanticoke.
Jan 20--Still at Nanticoke.  Rain-Foggy
Jan 23-Church and Sunday School at Nanticoke.
Jan 24-Came up to Berwick .  I wrote home.
Jan 27-7 degrees below zero.  Visited the Arcadian Novelty Co.  and the Palace Theater. 4 girls played the piano, violin, trombone, xylophone, also accordion and saw!
I had dinner at Fred Walton's and called to see Russell Walton.
Jan 28-At Allie Walton's.  Warmer today.
Jan 30-Still at Allie's.  Warmer still.  Church and Sunday School at Evangelical Church in Morning and Baptist Church in the evening.
Jan 31-Went to Harry Kline's&  back.  Took clothes to the laundry.
Feb 1-Still at Allie's.  Weather is fine and clear.
Feb 3-To Harry's for dinner.  He took me to Nanticoke.  Went to West side to see Ida Roberts ( A cousin)

Feb 5-At Nanticoke until 3 pm then took a trolley to Homer's.  Had a letter from Harold at home.
Feb 6-Sunday school and church at Dorrancetown.  Mild weather.
Feb 7-Fine Weather.  Helped wash again.  Got a letter from Mable ( his daughter in Colorado)
Feb 8-attended college prayer meeting.  Wrote to Mable and to my sister, Mary Case. Attended the Eureka Class meeting and covered dish dinner in honor of Mrs. Wood and Mrs. Weston.
Feb 9-Attended prayer meeting this morning.  The weather is still fine.
Feb 10-Prayer meeting at Mrs. Henry's Letter from  Ernest and the girls (his other son in Colorado and daughters) also one from Mary E Case.
Feb 13-Went with Mr Van Orden and came back with him to church.
Feb 14-helped Ethel with the washing
Feb 15-attended ½ hour prayer meeting at W W Swans, 27 Dorrance Street. Met Mr. Perkins.
Feb 16-Left For NY at 8:15 Am LVRR
Feb 17-New Your.  Wanamaker's Store.
Feb 18-visited Museum of natural History.
Feb 19-visited Metropolitan Museum of Art
Feb 20-attended First Baptist Church Evening-7th Avenue at 72nd Street & Broadway.I don't know the preacher's name.  This morning I "listened in on" Fosdick and Cadman on the radio.
Feb 21-At my dear sister Mary's (Mrs William Wickham Case)
Feb 22-- Went with  my niece, Edith Case to Passaic (NJ) via Erie RR.  Returned via Bus.  Heard 3 speakers on radio. 2 in NY-Green and Godsmith,  and Coolidge in House of Representatives in Washington.
Feb 23-Still at Mary's Wrote to Homer and to Harold.
Feb 28-Still in New York.  Had a letter form Mabel
March 2-left NY  via CR Of NJ for Pennington  NJ with Lin Harter.
March 3-Visting at Harters ( Rev Stephen Lincoln Harter, and his wife, Anna Cryder Case Harter)  Dan Walton and his wife Dot were here for dinner.
Mar 5-Fine, warmer today.  Still at Harters. Lin  went to NY
Mar 6-Sunday Will and Nell and Betty and another girl came to Pennington and I went with them to Stewartsville, NJ. 
Mar 7-Nell and I took a walk to see the place.  Will Wickham Harter called for a short time.
March 9-Leave Stewartsville this Am for Easton, to take the 10:51 Black Diamond train for Wilkes-Barre. 
Mar 10-Went to the Stephens meeting at night Received a letter from Shanghai and one from Mr Huff.  I wrote to Mabel and to Mary Case.  Attended at meeting at the tabernacle this evening.  George Stephens is the evangelist.
Mar 11-Morning prayer meeting at tabernacle annex . Had another note from Harold and an A & P Check ( David was retired from the A&P Tea Company, and got a monthly pension) Harold's birthday is the 31st.
Mar 12 -Stephens preached at the tabernacle.  The weather is warm and fine.
March 13-William Stephens preached at Dorrance Baptist church in Morning.  George Stephens preached to men in the tablernacle in the afternoon and at night to a large audience.   The overflow was meeting at Westmoore Church of Christ.  Text by George Stephens-Where Art Thou?
Mar 14-no tabernacle meeting today
March 15-Memorial Service for Dr J C Edwards, who died Sunday
March 16-Funeral of Dr J C Edwards.  ( Uncle of David's deceased wife, Emma Louisa Edwards)    Tabernacle meeting-text was "He pitched his tent towards Sodom"
March 20-Taught Eureka Class.  Took Supper at Joneses.
March 21-Visited with Pitt Edwards and took dinner and supper there.
March 22-took supper with John and Amanda at Edith's home.  Went to Tabernacle at night.

March 23-Spent part of the day with John at Edith's  Tabernacle at night.  Text was  "When I see the Blood"
March 25-the tabernacle meeting to continue next week, as people are not yet read to stop.  Sunday School night .  Annex was crowded.  Text was Luke 2:7  No Room for Jesus"  I helped distribute cards on the street for the meeting tomorrow afternoon.  It snowed today.
March 27-Men's meeting this afternoon.  Stephens did not preach as intended, and man men were saved.  The meeting overflowed to the annex again tonight and there were many more conversions.
March 28-I went to the "Home" to say goodbye to Amanda, and in the evening to Pike's Creek. 
Mar 29-Went to Nanticoke  & Shavertown and to tabernacle in the evening.
March 30-Start for Pittsburgh this AM
Mar 31-Saw some of Pittsburgh. 
April 1-I left Pittsburgh for Cleveland.  Lydia (Another of his sisters, Lydia Alice Willever) met me at English Ave,.55th Street Station.
April 6-Left Cleveland for home via NYC for Chicago.  The fare was $12.28.
Left Chicago for Denver at 11:30 pm  via Rock Island route and arrived in Denver 7:25 Am  April 7th.  Left Denver for home at 8:30 pm April 8th.  Carfare from  Denver to Craig, $15.30, Wilkes Barre to Denver  64.91.  $80.21.  We went through 54 tunnels.

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