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Oregon Trail Migration of 1851


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Seeking Names and Trail Journals associated with the 1851 Oregon Trail Migration

In a two decades long search for information on the 1851 Oregon Trail experience, I have collected 123 Trail journals and narratives and more than 4,500 documented names of folks who made the trek that year.  I am in the process of publishing some of this research, in the form of a "Composite Journal" which is a collection of excerpts of interesting daily entries from my collection, arranged in geographic order so as to take the reader along the Trail in the words of multiple emigrants who actually made the journey in 1851. I invite anyone who has ancestors and /or documents that relate to that year's migration to contact me to share information. Albert Edward Belanger, 128 Middle Road, Brentwood, NH 03833  < skipb@rcn.com  >
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Created: April 10, 2007 · Modified: January 30, 2012

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