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my dad

  • torrington ct

i met my real father in the year 1989 i was 13 years old, when i first met him i didnt like him or his wife i didnt want to know him then at the age 16 i went to live with him but it didnt last i left not even a year later, but for the final time i came to connecticut to live i was 23 years old i tried to be nice to him and his wife and all my brothers but they seem to think i didnt exsist and i wasnt part of the family they acted like it was my fault i was born when it wasnt it was our fathers and my mothers need that they had back then is the reason i was born they never liked me why i dont know and i guess i will never know. i tried to get to know my father but that didnt work in 2000 i went to my brothers house mark and told his wife and him that my mom and dad were coming down and they would finally meet my daughter and my father and step mother were there my father came out and told me that the man i call my dad is not my fin dad i never spoke to him again after that i told him he was nothing but a sperm donor to 2005 a friend called me and told me my father was in the hopspital in a coma so naturaly i went to see him the nurse told me he wouldnt hear me but i knew deep down he would, i walked in and started to cry because of all the machines hooked up too him, i held his hand and told him i was sorry for everything and he opened his eyes and started to cry with me i told him i loved him and he shook his head yes and i told him he couldnt go yet i didnt get to know him and bond with him he started to cry more and shook his head yes, that night my brother called me and said that they were gonna pull the plug on him so i went up there to say my last good byes only to find that my step mother told the nurses that the girls were not allowed there well needless to say my father told the doctors he wanted to see us, i was the last to go in to see him that was the first time me and my step father ever talked we talked for 1 hour i told her i would be back in the morning after i put jared on the bus and i did but when i got there my brother darren told me to hurry up and get in there so i ran in the room held my dads hand and cryed told him i love him and he shook his head yes and seconds he past away my brother rene jr said he was waiting for me and i belive that he was waiting for me to say good bye too him my step mother finally told me the reason she didnt want me there was because she didnt want me to remember my father like that but in my eyes i needed to see him i needed to tell him i was sorry and i know he was sorry for not seeing me and taking care of me when i was little and i know now my father is watching over from heaven down on me, and i know my father is mad that our family is all messed up that the boys dont see me as their sister and that they well some of them ok all but rene jr are still doing as he did and doing still what killed my father some use my fathers death as why they are still doing it but after seeing my father that way i will never drink again but the one thing i do do and tring so hard to quit is smoking my brother rene out of all 7 boys is the only one that doesnt drink or smoke. and thats the sad story of a girl who never got to know or bond with her father

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