07 Aug 1921 1
25 Nov 1952 1
Lackland AFB, TX 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Roy E Mundell 1
07 Aug 1921 1
Male 1
25 Nov 1952 1
Lackland AFB, TX 1
Cause: Aneurysm 1
Father: Walter P Mundell 1
Married /Texas 1
WWII Bombardier 1
Race or Ethnicity:
White, Citizen 1

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Lt Roy E Mundell, B-25 Bombardier, 321stBG,448thBS, MTO

North Africa -Italy

9 Sept.1942, Miss Betsy Hiland guest of Lt Roy Mundell
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Lt Roy Mundell married Miss Betsy Ann Hilland 12 Nov. 1942 at Columbia, AAB, SC at the Post-Chapel.  Lt Mundell was in intensive training in the B-25 Mitchell Medium Bomber preparing to leave for Combat in an unknown assignment..... the 321st Bomb Group was given the direction and orders were read after the entire Bomb Group had left Morrison Field, Fla. on 12 Feb. 1943 for North Africa, the SOUTHERN Route.

Lt Roy Mundell was friends with both Dan McDuff and Honore Ligarde, Probably school-mates and joined together.... or very close.  They were all 3 accepted directly into the US Army Air Corps.  Dan McDuff became a Pilot... Roy Mundell and Honore Ligarde both were Commissioned Navigators/ Bombardiers and were all assigned to the 321st Bomb Group. 

   Lt Dan McDuff was given to the 447th Bomb squad while both Roy and Honore went to the 448th Bomb Squad and all went over to North Africa in the [now famous] Gen Bob Knapp Flight over the Atlantic" in a single mass without loss, in Feb. 1943 to fly Combat Missions in the B-25 Mitchell Medium Bomber out of North Africa/Italy/Corsica.

  Roy Mundell was married and living in Harlington, TX and an Officer in the USAF at Lackland AFB, TX when he was tragically struck down with a Cerebral Hemorrhage.  Roy passed the next day without waking up from surgery.  Roy was only 31 Years old and is buried at Killeen, Texas.

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Barbi Ennis Connolly, 321st Bomb Group Historian and 57th Bomb Wing Historical Research Team Member with John T Fitzgerald and Patti Johnson.

Lt Roy Mundell, Bomb/Nav. B-25 321stBG,448thBS, MTO

North Africa

Lt. Roy E Mundell ...Dear Princess Barbi:   Thank you for sponsoring my grandfather's cousin, Lt. Roy E Mundell ....  STORY from Catherine (Prophit) Demers ... Thank YOU Cathy!

  Roy E Mundell; 

Birth: Aug. 7, 1921
Cameron County
Texas, USA Death: Nov. 25, 1952
San Antonio
Bexar County
Texas, USA

Roy Edgar Mundell was an U.S.A.F. Officer at the time of his death. He died of a cerebral hemorrhage at the U.S.A.F. Hospital on Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Bexar Co., Texas.

WWII Veteran - U.S. Army Air Force

Lt. Roy E Mundell of Harlingen TX was a Commissioned Bombardier with the
321st Bomb Group, ( and   )   

448th Bomb Squadron, (  )  serving in the MTO, Combat Missions North Africa, Italy, 1943 B-25 Mitchells.

321st Bomb Group HEADLINES;

Original B-25 CRAFT + CREW LIST to fly from Morrison Field, West Palm Beach Florida to North Africa
. . . . . . . . B-25 41-13172
Pilot: 2nd Lt. Urquhart, Donald A. 0-727811
Co-P: 2nd Lt. Garrett,Thaddeus D. 0-662441
Nav/Bomb:2nd Lt Mundell, Roy E. 0-663650
Eng: S/Sgt. Ratajczyk, Thomas S. 13047137
Radio: S/Sgt. Kilgore, Thomas R. 35475830
Gunner: S/Sgt. Turner,Goldburn H. 37126149
Pass.: T/Sgt. Braum, Joseph M. 19051368

May 22–31, 1943: 1st Lieutenants: Mundell, Boland, Stewart, Jantz, Wonnacott, Ligarde, Mims, Cheetham, Hurst, Gibbons, Conway, Ellington and Powers were appointed 1st Lieuts. Usual squadron duties performed during this period. With the end of the Tunisian Campaign the squadron, personnel took a well earned rest.

October 22–31, 1943: The following Officers and Enlisted Men were transferred to U.S.A. after completion of 50 missions: Lts Davies, Moore, Stewart, Garrett, Mundell, Captain Stultz, Urquhart, Ligarde, Ellington, Bowman, Brandt, Bruton, Clough, McCurry, Mims, Coffey, Holt, Petrich, Reich, Abrams, Staff Sergeants Ryal, LaRue, Taylor, Uzailko, Robert, Harding, Moorman.

Squadron on October 31 was 74 Officers and 302 Enlisted Men.

Read the 321st BG Headlines for this time period.


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