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Illegal Adoption

  • Hurley Hospital Flint, MI

Jack Dare's birthday is listed as 1/5/1955 but this is probably incorrect.  He was born to a young woman named Vicki (no clue as to her last name) around the beginning of 1955.  Vicki was only 17 years old and unmarried.  Unfortunetly she was not able to provide for her baby so she turned him over to her nurse, Anita Dare.

Anita Dare was a nurse at Hurley Hospital in Flint Michigan.  After taking Jack Dare as her own she quit her job and moved leaving no forwarding information because she did not want to lose him.  She died when he was seven along with any information regarding his birth parents.

He died in 1978 only 3 months after learning the parents he thought were his biological parents were not.

If anyone reading this has ANY relevant information please email me at <a>ndosia1147@yahoo.com</a>

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