Cleveland, Ohio 1
Univ. Med. Center, Tucson, Arizona 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Ethel Mae Knoll Letts 1
Full Name:
Ethel M Letts 2
Cleveland, Ohio 1
Female 1
04 Aug 1911 2
Univ. Med. Center, Tucson, Arizona 1
Cause: Stroke 1
31 Mar 2001 2
Physical Description:
Height: 5'8" 1
Weight/Build: Very slim 1
Eye Color: Blue 1
Hair Color: Brown 1
Last Residence: Mesa, AZ 2
Mother: Nina Eliza Williams Bellamy Knoll 1
Father: William Louis Knoll 1
about 1945? 1
Clifton A. Letts (Bill) 1
Michigan 1
Spouse Death Date: about 1975 1
Ward Clerk, Nursing Assistant 1
Protestant 1
Race or Ethnicity:
Caucasian 1
Social Security:
Card Issued: Unknown Code (PE) 2
Social Security Number: ***-**-6101 2

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Shelby, Ohio, to Norwalk OH Home

Norwalk, Ohio

Ethel, and her sister Mabel, lost their mother to divorce about 1918, and went to live at the Norwalk Children's Home for several years, where they spent weekends with nearby farm families - their Knoll cousins.   They had many tales of their adventures there.  Later they were united with their father and stepmother, Will and Lulu G. Knoll, in Lakewood / Cleveland, near where they had been born.   As small girls, they lived also in Shelby, Ohio.  Their Dad was a printer there, and in Cleveland.  He died of cancer when Ethel was 32.

Ethel was my favorite, and beloved Aunt. She never had children, but treated us nieces as her own! She was a longtime and faithful wife to her Bill, who was in ill health for many years. On her own, she worked to renovate their home and support them both. (Their old Michigan farmhouse, still had no indoor plumbing, in the 1940's.) She also spent many happy years singing with the Sweet Adelines Chorus, while she worked at the Flint Osteopathic Hospital, after working at Scafe's Drug in Flushing, Michigan.

Living in the West

Phoenix, AZ

Ethel had traveled as a teenager to California with some friends, and after that always dreamed of living in the West.  Shortly after her husband Bill's death, Ethel sold her Michigan home, and moved to Phoenix to be near her only sister and her family.  She enjoyed many years of independent living there, in 2 very lovely mobile homes, first in Phoenix, then in Chandler, and in a nice apt. in Mesa.   But in her last years she lost her sight to macular degeneration, and her strength and health, leaving her rather crippled and in a wheelchair.   Thereafter she lived in an Assisted Living home in Mesa, and then another in Tucson, near me, her niece, after her sister's death.

Ethel's visits to us, and her wonderful Christmas boxes, were always MUCH anticipated! She was a great friend and "sounding board" to me, in her old age.

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