UFO Sightings Outside the Project Blue Book

UFO Sightings Outside the Project Blue Book


The Project Blue Book isn't the only place to find documented UFO sightings. Even in local newspapers you might find a story or two.

Stories about UFO Sightings Outside the Project Blue Book

"A huge object larger than a 6-room house flew over her house from behind trees..."

  • Alton, Virginia

This must have been quite a spectacular show as a large Close Encounters of the Third Kind type UFO flew around for longer than 10 minutes "emitting violet to red lights in revolving fashion". This event was exclusive to a single person. The whole episode unfortunately ended rather abruptly as the space ship suddenly "shot upwards 'like lightening' ".

Another episode was recounted in the same article at a different time. This one had "a red glow" and was travelling rapidly from "east to west". It was seen by a couple on their way home and they were "sure it wasn't an airplane".

This second story gets better as the couple saw a second object emitting "red and white lights" as it zig-zagged across the sky. These people told the tale to others at the time who also witnessed the events including its flight pattern. "It was zig-zagging, funny-like" and apparantly changed colors, "red, then white" and made no sounds recalled a 17-year old high school senior.

The people in the second story were very curious about the whole event and waited around, hoping the object would land so they "could see what it looked like".

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