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World War I

    Foster Dewitt Stanley fought in World War I.  To hear him reminise, he marched across France, Luxenburg, and Germany.  He told of being a Platoon leader and taking shelter in an abandon house.  The German dog was tracking them and he could hear it baying in the distance.  Closing his eyes and listening closely he aimed into the darkness and pulled the trigger, only one more yip and the barking was silenced.  When they first arrived at the house, he entered first, as his gun came up he saw another man standing there pointing a gun right back at him...He realized the dirty, long haired scruffy man was himself looking in a mirror. A startling moment to not recognize yourself.  Daylight brought more intense action, "Has anyone left the house, is everyone hear?" he shouted as watching someone running around the bushes.  "Everyone, get out now," as they exited the house the scream of an incoming shell was heard blowing up the house.  Machine gun fire opened up and chaos began.  He was wounded through both legs by machine gun fire.  As he lay face down in the dirt he faded in and out.  German voices were all around them, he laid as if dead, being kicked by the Germans to see if they could elicite any movement.   Time had no meaning and was lost as his conciousness faded in and out.  More voices, familiar voices, American troops had found them.  He remained in a hospital in France for 6 months after the War had ended.  I miss hearing the stories and hope to preserve them.    I am his Grand daughter

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