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John Calvin Swofford, WWII Navy Pilot

  • Illinois

**U S NAVY, Lt John C Swofford, Navy Pilot with the VP Squadron 202 and 208 in the Pacific during WWII. **

Carbondale, Illinois | Thursday, May 10, 1945 (From his WEDDING article)

**   .....   John enlisted in 1941 and recieved his wings in Dec. 1942.  He has had one years duty in the Carribean Area after which he was transferred to duty in the Pacific.  Lt Swofford, a Patrol Commabder of the E M B has served in the Hawaiian Islands, the Martial Islands, the Mariana Islands, Saipan and Palau, and the Philippines.  At Present, he is stationed at Corpus Christi, TX where he and his bride are residing.   **

**   After the War;   John and his wife had Twin Girls on 9 Oct. 1947.**

***Don Enlow, B-26 WWII Historical Researcher says;  23 Oct. 2102 I just viewd the flight log book of a Navy pilot John C Swofford is his signature on each page I have found a John Calvin Swofford born 4 April 1917 Died 25 August 1986 I believe what information I have found he lived just outside Chicago in Cook County I looked through the obits of the Sun-Times did not see anything on John. In his log books he flew with VP Squadron 202, and VP squadron 208 He flew what was called a PBM-3 and a PBM-5 ....~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

John was an only child, no siblings, no cousins;    JOHN C SWOFFORD, his FAMILY is below; U.S., Department of Veterans Affairs BIRLS Death File, 1850-2010
Name: John Swofford;  Gender: Male;  Birth Date: 4 Apr 1917;  Death Date: 25 Aug 1986
SSN: 338120010;  Branch: NAVY;  Enlistment Date: 12 Feb 1942;  Release Date: 31 Oct 1945

Cook County, Illinois Death Index, 1908-1988
Name: John Calvin Swofford;  Death Date: 25 Aug 1986;  Death Location: Cook County, IL
File Number: 48642;  Archive Collection Name: Cook County Genealogy Records (Deaths)
Archive repository location: Chicago, IL;  Archive repository name: Cook County Clerk

_***** Martin PBM- **_ The **Martin PBM Mariner** was a patrol bomber flying boat of World War II___  . It was designed to complement the Consolidated PBY Catalina in service. A total of 1,366 were built, with the first example flying on 18 February 1939 and the type entering service in September 1940.

United States Navy;

VP-200 and VP-208.....  [![](](

_Data from_ Jane’s Fighting Aircraft of World War II[[30]](

**General characteristics**

*   **Crew:** Seven
*   **Length:** 79 ft 10 in (23.50 m)
*   **Wingspan:** 118 ft 0 in (36 m)
*   **Height:** 27 ft 6 in (5.33 m)
*   **Wing area:** 1,408 ft² (131 m²)
*   **Empty weight:** 33,175 lb (15,048 kg)
*   **Loaded weight:** 56,000 lb (25,425 kg)
*   **Powerplant:** 2 × Wright R-2600-12 14-cylinder radial engines, 1,700 hp (1,300 kW) each


*   **Maximum speed:** 178 kn (205 mph, 330 km/h)
*   **Range:** 2,600 nmi (3,000 mi, 4,800 km)
*   **Service ceiling:** 19,800 ft (6,040 m)
*   **Rate of climb:** 800 ft/min (4.1 m/s)


*   **Guns:** 8 × .50 in (12.7 mm) M2 Browning machine guns (two each in nose, dorsal and tail turrets, one each in blisters amidships)
*   **Bombs:** 4,000 lb (1,800 kg) of bombs or depth charges **or** 2 × Mark 13 torpedoes
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