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Robert C Olson

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Lt Robt. Olson, B-25 Pilot, 321st Bomb Group, MTO

  • Italy

321st BOmb Group, 447th Bomb Squad, Mission 22 Jan.'44 (One man KIA)

447th BS Mission Summary: (Ops Order 195/mission 194) Group Mission # 196:
On the first mission the target was the road junction at Valmontone, Italy.
8 of our ships participated. Our squadron was 1st in formation, being led by
Maj. Sampson. 1 ship, Lt. Knodle pilot, returned early due to generator
trouble. Results of bombing—poor. The flak was extremely heavy and several of
our ships were shot up rather badly. “Sophisticated Lady” piloted by Lt.
Olson returned with a fatal injury to her engineer-gunner, S/Sgt. Delore E.
Monroe, in all probability he was killed instantly over the target, having
received two severe flak wounds about the head.
A/C No. 41-13181--“Sophisticated Lady”
P: Olson, Robert C. “Ollie”, 1Lt
CP: Beebe, Harwood (NMI), 2Lt
N: None
B: McCormick, Donald P., 1Lt
E: Monroe, Delore E. (KIA)
R: Lotito, Rocco A., T/Sgt
G: Funk, Marvin J., S/Sgt
F: Vermillion, R. (United Press Corr.)

Monroe, Delore Elvin, S/Sgt., Engineer-Gunner, Enlistment Service #
KILLED IN ACTION on 22 January 1944 Over The Target of the Road Junction at
Valmonte, Italy, Receiving Two Severe Flak Wounds to the Head.

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