Charles Horat Ballard of New York (1854-1934)

Charles Horat Ballard of New York (1854-1934)


A brief look at Charles Ballard and his descendants.

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  • Clarendon, Orleans, New York

Charles Ballard was born July 8, 1854 in Clarendon, New York. He was the son of Adeline E. Bates and _______ Ballard. His mother migrated to Clarendon from Connecticut with her mother and father in the 1840's. His father's name and anything else about him is unknown.

Sometime after his birth, Charles' father diappeared, whether he died or left is unknown.

Charles' mother Adeline remarried to Mortimer E. Clark of Rochester, NY. Mortimer was a Barrel Cooper by trade and continued that occupation on to his step-son. Charles, after he discontinued his schooling, became a barrel cooper like his step-father and lived with his mother and step-father until he was old enough to live on his own.

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