One Moore Feud in Eastern KY in 1903

One Moore Feud in Eastern KY in 1903


Not as famous as the Hatfields and McCoys, but dramatic Kentucky feuding all the same: The Murder of Anderson Moore

Stories about One Moore Feud in Eastern KY in 1903

Men Arrested for Assassinating Anderson Moore

  • Prestonsburg, Kentucky

April 16, 1903.

Prestonsburg, Ky.  April 16.

Cliff Branham and Nelson Moore, accused of assassinating Anderson Moore, were arrested at White House by M.T. Allen, L.P. May and James Sizemore, and brought here and lodged in jail.  A few days after the killing of Moore, it is alleged, they went to the home of his widow, set fire to her barn, killed her stock and gave her twenty-four hours to get out of the country.  Monroe Moore, accused of being an accomplice, was arrested by Sheriff J.M. Weddington and placed under guard.  He is said to have made a written confession.

The prisoners have since been taken to Lexington for safe-keeping.

From Knott  County Historical Society's - A Century Ago This Week
(1903 Edition)

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