21 Dec 1926 1
06 Jul 2005 1

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Full Name:
Dennis E Nead 1
21 Dec 1926 1
06 Jul 2005 1
Last Residence: Fort Myers, FL 1
Social Security:
Card Issued: Unknown Code (PE) 1
Social Security Number: ***-**-1102 1

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Dennis Nead

Osgood, Indiana

Dennis Edward Nead is my dad.  He was born in Osgood Indiana to Mary Jo Porsch and Stanley Nead in Osgood.  He went to St Johns Catholic Church.  He was a very involved member of the community of Osgood.  Active in the American Legion and the Knights of Columbus.  Dennis Served at the end of World War II and was at the Nuremburg trial's. 

Marrying Phyllis Marie Greive in 1953.

Dennis was owner of the Nead and Clark Funeral Home located in Osgood Indiana now the Neal Funeral Home.

Moving to Florida in his later years with his wife.  Dennis had one daughter Denise born in Batesville Indiana.

Dennis was a very loving and caring man, always ready to help others.

I am also his only child. Dad died of Alzheimers in Fort Myers, Florida. He is survived by his wife Phyllis and daughter Denise (Dee) Clark and grandaughter April Clark Ratliff son in law Robert Ratliff and great granddaughter Brittany. Granddaughter Heidi Clark Strange and son in law Alan Strange with 3 great grandchildren Hayden, Sydney and Keaton.

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