My Indiana Family

My Indiana Family


Several branches on my family have ties to Indiana, this page focuses on those branches. Surnames of my Indiana family include: Webb, Berger, vonAllmen, Mason. Vanderburgh, Lawrence, Martin, Marshall, Orange, Wabash, St. Joseph and Cook are counties of interest.

Stories about My Indiana Family

My Webb Family in the Civil War.

  • Marion, Lawrence, Indiana

The three eldest sons of my ancestors Andrew Webb and Priscilla Mason served in the Union army during the Civil War.  Of these, the two eldest, John Martin Webb and Samuel Polk Webb were killed in the war.  William Newton Webb was the only one amongst the three brothers to live beyond the war.  A story about how Andrew's daughters convinced him to apply for pensions for the two deceased sons has passed down through the generations.  My ancestor, Mary Anna, and her sisters Martha and Sarah (possibly others) convinced him to seek the pensions.  Mary Anna looked up the data for the pensions and Andrew applied in 1891 while the family was living along the Oregon/California border.

Service Records:

John Martin Webb: enlisted in Marion on August 17 1862 (along with his brother).  He enlisted as a private in Company D, 16th Inf. Reg. Indiana (which was officially organized on August 19 1862).  He probably fought at Richmond, VA (August 30 1862), Chickasaw Bayou, MS (December 29 1862), Arkansas Post, AR (January 10-11 1863), and Vicksburg, MS (May 19-24 1863).  He was discharged due to disability on November 3 1863.  Andrew filed a pension application in November 1891 in Oregon.  John died before 1870, probably before the end of the war.

Samuel Polk Webb: enlisted first with his brother, John, on August 17 1862.  Was also in the same company and regiment until Arkansas Post were he was discharged due to injuries on May 29 1863.  On 5 April 1864, he probably re-enlisted as a corporal in Company H, 13th Cav. Reg.  Indiana.  He was killed sometime around the Third Battle of Murfreesboro and buried in Sheeks Cemetery along with his mother and brother John in Marion, Lawrence, Indiana.  Andrew applied for a pension first on August 8 1869 and again on the same day in 1888 in Washington.

William Newton Webb:  enlisted on September 22 1864 in Company A, 9th Inf. Reg. Indiana and served through the duration of the war, mustering out on June 20 1865.  Included is a picture of his unit.  Whether he is in the picture or not, I cannot say.  Battles he would have been in were: Second Battle of Franklin, Battle of Nashville, andBattle of Lovejoy Station.

Annotations: See Webb Family Bible entry.

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