Mary Frances EMMERSON-LEWIS b. Portsmouth, VA, abt 1837.

Mary Frances EMMERSON-LEWIS b. Portsmouth, VA, abt 1837.


This is the only wife of John H. (HENRY) LEWIS, also, born in Portsmouth, VA. John was born 1835.

Stories about Mary Frances EMMERSON-LEWIS b. Portsmouth, VA, abt 1837.

Mary Frances EMMERSON-LEWIS, only wife of CONFEDERATE, John Henry LEWIS of Virginia.

  • Portsmouth, Virginia & Washington DC

Mary Frances EMMERSON-LEWIS, some info and timelines.

Mary Frances Emmerson

Birth:4 Apr 1839
Portsmouth, , Virginia, USA Death:04 Oct 1911
Washington, Washington, District of Columbia


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Add a life event Timeline**1839 ** 4 Apr _Birth _BirthPortsmouth, , Virginia, USA<a>

</a><a>2 historical records</a>

**1850 ** _Age: 11 _ResidencePortsmouth, Norfolk, Virginia<a>

</a><a>2 historical records</a>

1850 ** _Age: 11 _ResidencePortsmouth, Norfolk, Virginia1850 ** _Age: 11 _ResidencePortsmouth, Norfolk, Virginia<a>

</a><a>1 historical record</a>

**1854 ** 18 Jul _Age: 15 _Marriage to John H. LewisCamden, NC, USA

Description: Marriage took place in a small courthouse

**1880 ** _Age: 41 _ResidenceWashington, Washington, District of Columbia, District of Columbia, United States<a>

</a><a>1 historical record</a>

**1910 ** _Age: 71 _ResidencePrecinct 9, Washington, District of Columbia<a>

</a><a>2 historical records</a>

**1911 ** 4 Oct _Age: 72 _DeathWashington, Washington, District of

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