Constitutional Convention, Week of 6 August 1787

Constitutional Convention, Week of 6 August 1787


Transcripts and notes from the constitutional convention between 6 August and 11 August 1787

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  • Philadelphia, PA

Journal of the federal convention Monday August 6, 1787

The house met agreeably to adjournment

The honorable John Francis Mercer Esq, one of the deputies from the state of Maryland, attended and took his seat.

The honorable Mr. Rutledge from the committee to whom were referred the proceedings of the convention for the purpose of reporting a constitution for the establishment of a national government conformable to these proceedings, informed the house that the committee were prepared to report – the report was then delivered in at the secretary's table, and being read once throughout and copies thereof given to the members – it was moved and seconded to adjourn till Wednesday morning which passed in the negative.

The house then adjourned till to-morrow morning at 11 o'clock a.m.

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