Hiram Linder

Hiram Linder


Documents relating to Hiram Linder, son of John (Simon) Linder of Spartanburg, SC

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Coroner's Inquest on the Death of Hiram Linder

  • Spartanburg, SC


South Carolina

Spartanburg District

To Henry Turner a

Depputised Constable

You are required immediately to Summon fourteen good & lawful Men Standers by as well as any to appear at Isaac Youngs this day by 12 O’clock to Inquire in what maner & by What Means Hiram Linder came to his death who has been found dead on the premises of the Said Isaac Young this the 12th day of March 1840.

Given under my hand & Seal Joel Dean, J.Q. (Justice of the Quorum)

I have Summoned on this Warrant

Ephraim Potter                        Wm Potter

Isaac Young                            James Potter

Roland Cash                           Robert Cash

James Webster                        Spivary Cash

Joseph Garrett                         John Cash, Jr.

John Cash                                Benjamin Cash, Jr.

John Potter                              James Quin

12th March 1840

Henry Turner, unreadable


Warrant to

Summon a

Jury to Hold

An Inquest over

Hiram Linder

12 March 1840


South Carolina

Spartanburg District

An inquisition indented taken on the premises of Isaac Youngs in the District aforesaid on the twelf day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty before me Joel Dean a Justice of the Quorum for the Said District upon view of the boddy of Hiram Linder Late of Said District then & there lying dead upon the Oath of Isaac Young Foreman Ephriam Potter, John Cash, James Quin, Shivary Cash, Robert Cash, John Potter, Benjamin Cash, John Cash, Jr, Joseph Garrett, William Potter & James Potter twelve good and lawful men of the Said District who being charged and sworn to inquire for the State when, where, how and after what maner the said Hiram Linder came to his death do say upon there Oaths that he had no Marks of violence upon him & died by intemperance or the visitation of God in a natural way and not otherwise.

In Witness where of I Joel Dean a Justice

Of the quorum affore Said and the jurors

Afforesaid to this Inquisition have inter-

changeably put our hands and Seals the

day & year above written.

Isaac Young

Ephriam Potter his X mark

John Cash, Sr., his X mark


Joel Dean J

James Quinn

Spivery Cash

Robert Cash, his X mark

John Cash

Benj Cash, his X mark

John Cash, Jr, his X mark

Joseph Garrett, his X mark

William Potter, his X mark

James Potter


South Carolina

Spartanburg District

At an Inquest taken & holden in the District affore Said at Isaac Youngs on the twelfth Day of March Eighteen hundred & forth over the Boddy of Hiram Linder who being found there lying dead. Isaac Youn being Sworn Saith that on the Morning of the twelfth of March while walking with others up his Ditch to carry Water to his Still House he Saw Said Linder lying & found when he came there that he was Dead that he has not Saw the Dec’d Since the 22 Feby Last.  Ephriam Potter being Sworn Saith that he was with Isaac Yong when he found the Deceased & proved the Same only he Saw him Last Satturday he appeared well then only he was Drunk.

Benjamine Cash being Sworn Saith that on Monday Morning Last the Dec’d Came to his house & Complained of being Sick asked him for a drank & asked his Wife for some (unreadable) but got Neither he then Started up to Isaac Youngs he Said


The Fourgoing is a true Deposition as taken before me the 12th day of March 1840.

Joel Dean, J.Q.


In an Inquest

On the body of

Hiram Linder

12 March 1840

Joel Dean Esqr.


Coroner’s Inquest

On the Dead body

Of Hiram Linder

12 March 1840

Joel Dean, Esqr.

March 1840

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