WSU Cougar Lobsterfest

WSU Cougar Lobsterfest


Our annual trip to WSU and the Cougar Lobsterfest for good friends, good food, and good football.

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2007 Lobsterfest

  • Pullman, Washington, USA

Our 2007 WSP Cougar Lobsterfest trip was our largest turnout yet.  Both Dan and Curt towed their trailors, and George drove his camper; all beds were full.  No injuries this year; I stayed off the kids bicycles and remained firmly planted in a lawn chair.

This trip, like the previous year, came on the heels of my assignment in New York.  I flew back on October 4th,  hopped in my truck the next day and drove up the gorge.  I went through the Tri-cities, and after a short break to talk to a nice Trooper on the side of the road, met up with the rest of the gang outside Othello.  I left my truck in the care of Othello PD and hopped in with Kurt and Steve McCulley for the rest of the drive into Pullman.

We managed to get another good location above the golf course, although we arrived too late to claim the same territory from the previous years.  Nonetheless, we circled the wagons and made camp.  The weather was very cooperative; the Cougar's opponants not so much.  Again we purchased passes to the athletic center where we worked out and cleaned up.  Kurt and I went for a run through campus, stopping by the Bookie for some hats and chapstick.

This year we went into Moscow for dinner and drinks, but still had a gourmet Cartier dinner on Saturday.

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