John Brown, Choctaw/Chicksaw trader & Dolly Dean family

John Brown, Choctaw/Chicksaw trader & Dolly Dean family


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John Brown, Choctaw/Chicksaw Trader & Dolly Dean family

The information for John Brown, Choctaw/Chickasaw Trader married to Dolly Dean is listed in our family GMR Appl's, the 1896 Cherokee Citizenship Appl's of my grandfather & his brother  and in Emett Starr's notes.

John  Brown was originally called Chief John Brownfield & is listed as such in some History Books.  He was also called Chief John Brown.  Several of our descendants state that our name used to be Brownfield, but because it was so difficult for the Cherokees to pronounce Brownfield in their language and so difficult for the Whites to understand the name, the Cherokees shortened the name to Brown & Fields.  All those who wanted to be called Brown, did so.  And all those who wanted to be called Fields, did so.  Therefore all the Browns & Fields were brothers & sisters.  Many of the full blood Cherokees still believe this.  And my gg grandmother kept the name of Brownfield when she married her Brown cousin.  Cherokees married cousins to keep their clans in order.  When we talk about cousins, they are not first cousins.

John Brown's father was a White man living in VA.  His mother was a full blood Cherokee.  Therefore he was half Cherokee.  The VA law states that when a White man marries an Indian Lady, the children will be considered White and can proceed as such with no stipulation rules as an Indian.  Therefore John became quite wealthy, owning land, etc.  He is listed on the census as White and that is the reason we have such a difficult time locating him & his family.

Dolly Dean was a full Cherokee.  She was raised by a White family.  She may have been married to Anthony Dean before marrying John Brown.  I have not found any Dean children that may have been hers.  Dolly Brown lived on their farm on Dismal Creek after John Brown died.  Dismal is now DeKalb Co, TN, 2 miles N of Liberty, TN.  Her grandsons came & made garden for her.  She lived to be nearly 100 years old & never wore glasses.

My grandmother & her oldest daughter made a GMR Appl In which they both stated that my gg grandparents are Hezekiah Brown & Rachael Brownfield.  Rachael kept the name of Brownfield, but her other siblings went by the name of Brown.  And I'm sure that many of you have read about the siblings in newspapers, Obits, History Books, many Indian Rolls, etc.

I am researching this family.  And I'm searching for descendants of Chief John Brown & Dolly Dean, who lived for a time in Floyd County, GA, and also the Kettle Creek Area.


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