William D. Huffman

William D. Huffman


William D. Huffman is one of my maternal great, great grand fathers.

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William D. Huffman

  • North Carolina

The birthplace of William D Huffman is unknown but was probably in Onslow Co, North Carolina or Jones Co, North Carolina.  The best guess at this time is in Onslow Co, North Carolina.  There is no known existing paperwork that pinpoints the exact date and birthplace for William D. Huffman.  It is believed that William D. Huffman is the son of Lott Huffman, who resided in Onslow Co, NC.  The only concrete evidence of the existence of Lott Huffman is the 1820 and 1840 census records which record his residence as being Onslow Co, North Carolina.  William D. Huffman appears for the first time in the Onslow Co, NC census of 1840.  During the next census of 1850 he appears in the Jones Co, NC Census in the Cypress Creek District.  Based upon his age recorded at the time of each  census it is believed that William D. Huffman was born at an unknown date between 09 Oct 1811 and 04 Jun 1812.

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