Jonathan and Erika Wald Family

Jonathan and Erika Wald Family



  • Spokane, WA

This via email:

Elliot just completed a four day ballet camp.  While
Ballet isn't really my thing, I think she truly
enjoyed herself.  Most likely she will be taking
ballet two times a week this coming fall.  The owner
of the studio said Elliot picked things up quickly and
will be able to catch up with the girls (who have been
dancing for years) with ease.  As long as she is
enjoying herself we will run with it.

Emma Update #7

  • Hickam AFB, Hawaii

via email:

Whew!  Hopefully this is next to last for the updates.
Thanks, as always, for your continued support.

Emma was released on Sunday and was able to sleep at
"home" on Hickam AFB with mom, dad, and sister.  I
think it was the first time in over 2 weeks that she
was able to sleep through the night with no poking and
prodding, and no lights.

Monday was a good day for her, she walking quite a bit
and was generally in a good mood.  Today was another
story.  Shortly after waking and having breakfast she
began vomiting, and pretty much did that off and on
throughout the day.  Her follow-up appointment with
the pediatrician went OK.  They took her blood and we
will get the results tomorrow when we meet with the
surgeon.  He will either give us the green or red
light with regard to our departure back to Guam.

Overall Emma is pretty weak, physically, but mentally
she is a very strong girl.  She pretty much lost all
of her reserves while hospitalized and now looks so
thin.  She actually weighed less today than before all
of this began (hard to believe when she weighed in at
over 30 lbs at one point).  She has definitely dropped
off the chart on the weight side (she has kept steady
at ~5th percentile over the last year or so).  We
suspect that within a month or two she should be back
to "normal" regarding her looks and activity level.

Let's all hope that tomorrow goes well and we can get
back to Guam NLT this weekend.  We should get back in
time to soon after begin our HHG packout if all goes
well.  We may even get back in time for Emma's
birthday if we can hop out on Wednesday pm or Thursday

That's all for now.

Jonathan and Erika

Emma Update #3

  • Guam

via email...

Thank you so much for the prayers and well wishes, it
really means the world to us.  By the time this is
over we may just have somebody in every state praying
for Emma.  The outreach has been truly amazing, thanks

Emma had her blood drawn yesterday and her WBC count
was down to ~27k.  Still not good but at least it was
down.  On the flip side she was running a 104F temp
last night.  Her chest tube continues to drain which
is good, but the doctor will continue the enzyme
treatment until they run out (I guess).  We have been
making her walk a little a couple of times per day and
although she protets very loudly, it really it what
she needs to help speed up the recovery.

Although the doctor(s) are not forthright with
everything, I think what may be happening is that
because her lung has not fully re inflated, the
infection continues to be able to "hide" and re-scar
or form additional abscesses or pus pockets, thereby
allowing the infection to continue and not improve.
The technical term here is empyema.  The following
link will describe what Emma has been battling.

If the enzyme/chest tube treatment is not successful
she will most likely require a decortication.  They
are not set up to do that with a pediatric patient
here on Guam so they are considering transporting her
to somewhere like Hawaii, possibly this coming
Saturday am.  We are praying this is not the case.

We should know more later this morning because the AF
requires 24hr notice in order to medivac Emma on a
military plane.

Again, thank you so much for the support.  You may not
think it is much but it really helps to keep us going.

Jonathan and Erika