American History on Footnote

American History on Footnote


Through the partnership with the National Archives, Footnote has released documents that have never been available on the internet. By providing original source documents, Footnote provides a unique unaltered view of American History. View the events that shaped this country through the eyes of those who lived at that time.

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Early America Documents

View original handwritten documents by some of the most important figures in American History.  Documents from this time period cover the colonial period through the Revolutionary War and up to events that would eventually lead to the war that would divide a young country.  Titles featured on Footnote include:

  • Papers of the Continental Congress
  • Miscellaneous Papers of the Continental Congress
  • The Pennsylvania Archives
  • Copybooks of George Washington
  • Constitutional Convention Records
  • Ratified Amendments to the U.S. Constitution
  • Records relating to the Amistad Court Case

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