Summers of LOVE

Summers of LOVE


A hippy BIBAL, ...THE CODE TO LIVING>>part time in san francisco

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AStro jet to San Fran.

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**IN 1965, non stop to san francisco, one way, was 69 dollars ,stand by.**That was always ez for me, until a little later in the sixties when troops from NAM needed the space. I always respected them and they were good guys too.The world ,for what i really new of it ,seemed to disapprove of both of us,thse that served and those who stayed home .I could never understand all the reasons john q public was so afraid of us.OH it was fear all right and anger, that too, but in frisco we were all free.REagan, was attaining power by rideing the back of the tiger, calling us ,people who look like Tarzen, dress like Jane and smell like cheeter.From that time to the time of his daeth i never liked him.He took his opinions from those consveratives that intended to climb the ranks by setting precedent, a precedent of power,that was both grandstanding and with out conscience.IT was not uncommon for california police to profile any one with long hair, bell bottoms and empty pockets.

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