Samuel Morgan LEWIS b. Jamestown, VA

Samuel Morgan LEWIS b. Jamestown, VA


This is one of my GGGrandfth's, the father of John Henry LEWIS b. Portsmouth, VA. He also, joined the CONFEDERATE cause in spite of his age, due to the circumstances and where he lived at the time of the civil war. He lived Porthsmouth, VA.

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Father of CONFEDERATE, John H. (Henry) LEWIS of Porthsmouth, Virginia.

  • Virginia

This is one of my GGGreatGrandfth's and the father of John H. (Henry) LEWIS, CONFEDERATE.  Samuel also, joined the CONFEDERACY, in spite of his age, due to the place and time he lived.

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George "Captain" W Lewis1755–1803
unknown DAINGERFIELD1755–1820
Samuel Morgan Lewis Born:1785
Jamestown, Virginia Died:23 Jul 1862
Virginia Edit profile

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Add event Timeline**1785 **   _Birth _ BirthJamestown, Virginia<a>

</a><a>1 historical record</a>

**1812 **   _Age: 27 _ MilitaryVeteran of the War of 1812

Description: Ship joiner

**1830 **   _Age: 45 _ ResidencePortsmouth, Norfolk, Virginia<a>

</a><a>1 historical record</a>

**1840 ** 1 Jun  _Age: 55 _ ResidencePortsmouth, Norfolk, Virginia, USA<a>

</a><a>1 historical record</a>

**1850 **   _Age: 65 _ ResidencePortsmouth, Norfolk, Virginia<a>

</a><a>1 historical record</a>

**1860 **   _Age: 75 _ ResidencePortsmouth Jackson Ward, Portsmouth (Independent City), Virginia<a>

</a><a>1 historical record</a>

**1862 ** 23 Jul  _Age: 77 _ DeathVirginia    MarriageVA<a>

</a><a>1 historical record</a>

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Frances Pulley_1796–1871_Children
Samuel Lewis_1826–_
Jane Lewis_1828–_
John H. Lewis_1835–1917_
George W Lewis_1838–1916_
Fredie Lewis_1859–_
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