A house divided

A house divided


the sixties were a magical time,indeed a mystery tour and everyone wanted change,except the establishment.

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Fame and Fortune

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From nov 22,1963 to january beside takeing guitar lessons, many of my friends and i were in mourning still. We all loved JFK and were still in shock, esp, with the never ending news, articals and talk of conspiracy.To this day i believe it was and having known people involved and the kennedys somewhat, well, i will just say,if they all believe it so do i. However, in jan /64,that all disappeared for 7 years.I was sitting on the school bus when one of the Levy sisters screemed while holding one of those transistor radios we all liked back then. I said whats wrong, the same girl had handed me that same radio on nov 22, 63 crying, kennedy is dead.This time it was alittle different, some group called the Beatles, i had never heard of them.Well over the next 7 years i learned more about the invasion from england than i am sure i needed, but i enjoyed it.Music became the understated underground of the sixties.IN my spar time i formed a band, jazz and rock, rock made more money, but jazz was in my soul.I loved the Beatles and several other bands, but was never a heavy metal type nor did i like all the rock,like the stones or kinks etc.I studied music, sax, piano, guitar, voice, harmony theory,cycles of fifth, you know a sixties nurd,so to speak.During my music life i met every major star there was, including, Lennon, harrison, and JP< in 2002, as his guest of honor at his drivin rain tour in fla,shortly before his marriage to Heather.Never met Ringo,but i did meet Peter Best.Once i had to keep an eye on Jerry Lewis at the Warwick Musical tent and noticed he was eyeing up my girl, later found him drunk at Ledgemont country club.Some of the things you heard about him, i guess were true.All in all i thought i was doing good,but not my family,a doctor a lawyer, a rich business man, that they approved of, a musical hippy..no,no,no.MY family was the proto type of the establishment,and with some clout with the Fed .With  A COL ,a FOUR STAR,a spy and who really knows what else.Some how these worlds were never meant to coincide and i guess i was supposed to have had that knowledge from birth.My only excuse is that i was adopted and maybe the order form got mixed up.My one claim to fame was the song GREEN TAMBORINE< the music written by me in late 64 .Even that was lost to me .An uncle used a buddy named Jimmy Crane from Cranston to rewrite the words and music, and it ended up a Lemon Piper band song ,their one big hit.The song originaly was written for Nancy Burt my girlfriend and a cousin to Peter Yarrow, of Peter Paul and Mary.IT was done to impress him and her ,but definitely him.He never heard it as such.IN the late sixties i hung with Alton Powers, an actor singer who later had a role on Good Times as well as others shows, Martin Mull, from RISD, who was already recording and a talented artist, martin  became an actor, Mary Hartman, Fernwood tonight, and so many movies and sit coms.He had personally asked me to be his room mate in  california when he first left RISD for LA.The handwergers and Jeffery Osborn, from ,ON THE WINGS OF LOVE, fame., were also among that group of un discovered talent resideing in Rhode Island in 1967There were many offers ,even Stuart Rekant from Screen Gems,in New York, but for some reason it never became my true vocation, i still play out.To satisfy the issue i became a manufactures rep and opened a resturant.But in the sixties i lived, really lived.

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