HANDIBOE- a great little story about Australia's HANDIBOE'S forwarded to me by sue_catterall, a HANDIBOE-decendant.

HANDIBOE- a great little story about Australia's HANDIBOE'S forwarded to me by sue_catterall, a HANDIBOE-decendant.


AUSTRALIA, as penal colony. A GREAT, HANDIBOE or HANDEBO story sent to me by Sue CATTERALL, a HANDEBO, decendant, from Australia.

HANDEBO's of Australia,"penal colony" the beginning of today's Australia.

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HANDIBOE'S, is the way the name is spelled in the United States, the first came into us via CANADA, early 1830's and settled in Columbus, OHIO.  The HANDIBOE'S or HANDEBO'S< of Australia are the same one's from IRELAND.  there are also a few other spelling of this "surname".

Today, I received a description of one of the early HANDEBO'S sent to the Australian "penal colony", which is fact, but was such a good story I asked Sue if I could add this little story about a HANDEBO of Australia, here in the US, the name as said before is spelled HANDIBOE.

Hello! Lora,

I hope this email finds you well.

I just noticed on facebook that you are now friends with Glenn.  Yes, Glenn relates to our Handebo's.  You may even see young Anna Handebo on my facebook, she too would be connected to us.  I only met up with Anna recently and Glenn as well.  Neither of them knew one another yet their Handebo's would have been my own from New England, it just depends which branch they come down through.

Glenn tells me that he also connects to the current Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd as they both share a GGG grandmother Mary Wade who was a young convict lass who got sent out to Australia (she was to have been hung in the UK) for the term of her natural life.  She ended up having 21 children and did very well.  I don't think I could have had 21 children.  She stole clothes off another young female and was to have pawned them for money.  In those days young children lived on the streets or stole and begged for food because of the terrible situation many of them were in.  Anyway the story of Mary Wade is very interesting if you happen to look it up.  Mary Wade is not related to me but only through Glenn's maternal side, not his Handebo side.

Young Anna would love to know how many Handebo's there are worldwide but the only thing is they changed their name as it was not always Handebo.

Talk to you soon.


Sue Catterall

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