Mary E. JOHNSON (or MAYBE-JOHNSTON), a GreatGrandmth of mine.

Mary E. JOHNSON (or MAYBE-JOHNSTON), a GreatGrandmth of mine.


Mary E. JOHNSON, married one of my GreatGrandfth's, a John M. (Meriweather?) LEWIS, in Washington DC. They had 6 or more children in Washington DC. John M. LEWIS, her only husband, was the son of a CONFEDERATE-VA John Henry LEWIS.

Mary E. JOHNSON-LEWIS, was born Washington DC Dec., 1874-dec'd DC- April 17, 1942.

  • Washington DC

Doing my "tree" at, I have been lucky enough & with a cousin's help to find out quite a bit of info., about Mary E. JOHNSON, or (maybe JOHNSTON).  When she died on april 17, 1942, her obituary can be found in the Washington Post newspaper of that year.  My father, who is alive and in a nursing home in Marley Neck, Maryland, age 90, has fond memories of her.  Apparently Mary E JOHNSON-LEWIS, was a good Grandmth to my father Howard Irving LEWIS, as well as a good wife and mother of 6-7 children.

My tree is now called HANDIBOE-LEWIS-ROOTS-2008 OR

I also, have some limited info at

Her husband John died Washington DC, March 1974.

Her husband has MANY census reports on him at at least, all Washington DC, he a "twin" was the last of John Henry LEWIS' children and apparently the last of even the twin's born.  At least 3 of John H. LEWIS' children were born in PORTSMOUTH, VA. ( I suspect, that 4 were born in DC). Two of John H. LEWIS' children were born or infant's during the US civil war and did not recognize him when he came home from his 4th imprisonment, in UNION, prison camps.John M. LEWIS, Mary JOHNSON'S, husband, was born "twin" Oct 1872 in Washington DC.

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