Mark Spitz and Michael Phelps

Mark Spitz and Michael Phelps


There is never a record that cannot be broken! If history has shown us anything it's that it's cyclic and people's needs are the same. What we can say is that in our era certain events and people were special.

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Michael Phelps - On the verge of something special!

  • The Bejing Summer Olympics

Not long ago in 1972 Mark Spitz accomplished something that many people thought could never be duplicated. How many times in history have people believed something of this nature to be true? Seven gold medals and seven world records in one Olympic venue was something no one ever believed could happen -- and yet it did! We are on the verge just a mere 36 years later of seeing that record broken. If anything this event should show us that the bounds of human endeavor and accomplishment are never at their pinnacle.

In each era we have special events and people that we can look at. Inventions, accomplishments, human sacrifice and contributions to the wonderment of mankind. As time goes on this past greatness is dimmed by current events. That is the natural way of things. However, for each generation their particular events mark their greatness. Whether it is the invention of a flying machine, an artistic masterpiece or a sports record that seems unbeatable, these events are what characterize our core as a people. WWII was an event that defined a generation. Patriotism, sacrifice, and perseverence has given that era the title of "The Greatest Generation". For all that we are and do the significance of achievement is far reaching.

I was born in 1956 and became a part of the 60's era. The leaders we had in John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. are a part of history that will always be remembered. The first lunar landing and our ventures into space. The evolution of technology. All of these things were so significant to us. Mark Spitz and his unbeatable seven gold medals and seven world records. And yet today what was accomplished pales in comparison. We will continue to compare but we should never forget that time is relative and the only things that really matter are the individuals in each era, their needs and their humanity. These things are constants!

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