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Tull's in the Pearl Harbor Muster Rolls


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Earnest Bertram Tull, Jr

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Earnest Bertram Tull, Jr. enlisted 30 June 1944 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and was received on board the U.S.S. Phoenix, a Light Cruiser, on 8th May 1944.  By the 15th of May 1944 they were sailing into "dangerous waters".  The last Muster noted for Earnest Bertram Tull, Jr. was 31 March 1945.
  • U.S.S. Phoenix
  • 28 Nov 1943

Francis G. Tull

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Francis G. Tull enlisted in the USNR 27 May 1941 at Kansas City. He was listed as a passenger on ships twice. The first time for a period ending August 1941 he was a Passanger on the U.S.S. Pennsylvania at pearl Harbor, T.H.

The second time he was listed as a passenger on the Mugford, a destroyer, for the period ending 8 Dec 1944.

His serivce # was typed as 342-46-63 and 342-43-63.

  • Kansas City
  • 27 May 1941

Willard R. Tull

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Willard R. Tull enlisted 6 June 1935 at Baltimore, Maryland. He was assigned the U.S.S. Dale, a Destroyer.
  • Baltimore, Maryland
  • 6 Jun 1935

Frank H. Tull

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Frank H. Tull has the most complete record with a total of 8 cards. He enlisted as early as 1934 in LIttle Rock, Arkansas. His serial # was 346-54-21. There are some discrepancies with dates, but his Serial Number stays the same. He was on the U.S.S. Helena, a Light Cruiser.

He apparently enlists again 5 Dec 1939 in New York just prior to sailing out from the Navy Yard at New York for Anapolis, Maryland.

The last card for him is a period ending 31 Jan 1941 when he is listed as MM 2 C.

  • Little Rock, Arkansas
  • 3 Mar 1934

James E. Tull

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James E. Tull enlisted at Chicago, Illinois  the 29th of July 1940 and was on the Ship, Oklahoma, a Battleship. He actually boarded his ship on the 12th of October 1940 and they immediately set sail from San Pedro, California to Pearl Harbor on the 14th of October.
  • Chicago, Illinois

Kenneth W. Tull

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Kenneth W. Tull, seaman 1st Class, was an Enlisted Passenger on the Avocet, a small Seaplane Tender, twice. The first time he sailed on 16 th of May 1939 from Pearl Harbor, T.H. to Midway, T.H. The last time he is listed in these records was 25th of May 1939 when he sailed from Midway Island to Pearl Harbor, T.H.
  • Unknown
  • before May 1939

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