George Baugher and the Civil War

George Baugher and the Civil War


Our ancestor George Baugher fought with the 7th Indiana Cavalry during the Civil war. This is his story.

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Indiana Cavalry Soldier fought numerous battles during the Civil War

  • Indiana, USA

George Baugher, born in Ohio, was living in Liberty Mills, Indiana, in 1863 and responded to the call for volunteer soldiers to defend the Union. He enrolled on July 31 as a private and was mustered in on September 14, 1863, in Indianapolis at the age of 33 into Company "L", 7th Cavalry--119th Regiment. The regiment saw action in Western Tennessee in 1863, participated in Grierson's Raid in Mississippi, 1863-64; was involved in the Pursuit of Price in Arkansas and Missouri in 1863, and in campaigns in Louisiana and Texas 1864-65. A major battle was at Brice's Cross Roads in Northern Mississippi on June 10, 1864, under the command of Samuel Sturgis with a force of 8000. The Cavalry Division was under Brigadier General Benjamin Grierson. Although the Union was defeated by the Confederate troops under Nathan Bedford Forrest, forcing the Union soldiers to retreat, the Union Cavalry was commended for "conduct that was brilliant and soldierly in the extreme...." according to a history of the Indiana 7th Cavalry, written by Thomas Cogley in 1876. On January 10, 1865, George Baugher was transferred to the Veterans Reserve Corps (V.R.C.), the 15th Regiment and was finally discharged on November 11, 1865. He continued to live in Indiana, married in 1866, sired 7 children and lived until October 20, 1909, and was buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery (Union Cemetery), Chester Township, Wabash County, Indiana.

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