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Extract of 18th Century African American Marriage Record

Evidence of early marriages between African American servants surface from time to time amongst the pension applications of widows of American Revolutionary war veterans.


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Extract of Marriage between Prince, servant of Jonathan Sayward & Dinah, servant of Mr. Rose, both of York County, Massachachusetts (now Maine)

York County, Massachusetts

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I John Haven, Pastor of the first Congregational Church and Parish in York County of York and State of Maine, do hereby certify on oath, that on the records of said church in my possession, and in the well known hand writing of Revd Isaac Lyman, who, as it appears by said Records was Pastor of said Church, from the year 1749 to the year 1810, and under the head on caption  “marriages consummated by Isaac Lyman is the following June first one thousand seven hundred and eighty Prince & Dinah servants of Messrs Sayward & Rose”

Which I certify is a true copy of the record with the exception of the date which is expressed on the record in fair legible figures as follows “June 1, 1780”                                          John Haven

                                                   Pastor of the first

                                                   Church in York

I John Haven above named depose and say that I hold the office of Pastor of the first Congregational Church in York in the County of York and state aforesaid, and that the above is a true extract from the Records of said Church, with the exception above named, as certified by me.                                  John Haven

                                       Pastor of the first

                                       Church in York 

State of Maine

York County

Sworn to

Before me Ch. O. Emerson, Justice Peace


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