Governor Frank Steunenberg - Life, Assassination, Trial of the Century

Governor Frank Steunenberg - Life, Assassination, Trial of the Century

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I am always interested in hearing from folks that have an interest in early Idaho history, collecting, events and information related to the assassination, trial, connections to any of the participants, mining and labor and all viewpoints.

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Ex-Governor Assassinated in Idaho

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I do not believe I have ever seen the picture before of Governor Frank Steunenberg on the left and General Merriam on the right. It reportedly was taken in 1899 during the Coeur d'Alene mining war. If anyone has seen this photo or knows more about it then please let me know. In appeared in the Chicago Tribune on January 1, 1906; the day after the governor was assassinated in Caldwell, Idaho.

Woman Suffrage in Idaho by Governor Frank Steunenberg

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From - Harper's Bazar, May 26, 1900

I found this excellent article written by Governor Steunenberg on the status of woman's suffrage in Idaho during his administration. I had not seen it before. It was nice to find a more formal paper written by the governor that I think provides quite a bit of insight into his views of the suffrage movement and the progressive changes that took place in Idaho now well over 100 years ago.

James McParland, Pinkerton Detective

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Picture from the Chicago Tribune 6/14/1907

Scene And Principal Actors In The Great Haywood Murder Trial In Idaho

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Here is another article on the trial with an interesting composite photograph. I like the nice inset picture of Governor Steunenberg but it's the rest of the picture that is a bit unusual. Around a normal photograph of the jury, it looks like an artist drew the tables and bodies in the foreground and cut out photos of the the heads to place in the appropriate positions. Hopefully no one got mixed up such as an Orchard head ending up on a Haywood body. Interesting technique. Note the Independence Depot and Steunenberg house drawings up near the top on each side depicting the moment of the the respective explosions. Click on the pic to get a larger image.

"I am glad to say I was his friend--the friend of a man who gave up his life for his state and his country."

"I have felt the humiliation deeply," he continued, "especially because of the manner in which the name of my dead friend, Frank Steunenberg, has been brought into this case. I am glad to say I was his friend--the friend of a man who gave up his life for his state and his country."

Above from Senator William E. Borah as quoted in the Chicago Tribune, October 3rd. 1907 after being acquitted of conspiracy to defraud the government.

Frank's Daughter

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My mother attended Loma Linda School of nursing in the early 1920s and her classmate and roommate at Lome Linda was a daughter of Frank.  In my early childhood I had met her when we lived in Alhambra, California.   My mother told me the story Frank.   I had heard the story of Frank's wife who brought Christianity to Orchard.  Many year later, I believe in the 1940s I met a son of Frank who was an ordained minister.   That was my lost contact with anyone of Frank Steuenberg family.

    Thank you for your story. Yes, that would have been Francis L. Steunenberg, daughter of the governor born on 8/12/1892 in Caldwell, ID. Francis graduated from the Loma Linda School of Nursing in 1922. She married Fred Eastman in 1929 and I believed they remained in Southern California. How interesting that you met Uncle Frank (Frank W. Steunenberg), youngest son of the governor. Sometimes referred to as Frank Jr., he had attended Walla Walla College from where he graduated in 1924 and entered the ministry. If you have other recollections or information about your contacts with Frank or Francis and where and when they occurred, I would certainly be interested. You can find more information at: Regards, John