Caroline STETLER, this picture from Dean THOMSON.

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Abner STETLER b. Philadelphia PA Aug., 27, 1809-dec'd in...


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Abner STETLER originally of Phildelphia -dec'd in Pittsburg PA- b.1809

Since Dean THOMSON, has been trying to do the research on this early and interesting STETLER, Abner STETLER, Sr., and has sent an obituary, I am going to try and "upload" the obituary and also, include a little info about Abner here.  Abner married a Caroline GARRASON, on March 23, 1832.  Caroline GARRASON-STETLER, died in Pittsburg, PA March 1874.  two of their  son's  died as Union soldier's during the "War of Rebellion" or civil war US- their names were Miles G. STETLER & William S STETLER, died at the battle of Cedar Mountain.5 of Abner's children survived till his death, when he died he also, left 7 GreatGrandchildren.I will try and upload, this ob, that Dean THOMSON, sent.
  • 1800's

Children of ABNER? from Dean THOMSON

A little more info from Dean THOMSON


There is an Abner Stetler buried in Union Dale Cemetery  Pittsbugh, (1870-1906) along with Elizabeth (1840-1872) and Miles (1838-1875) Stetler. I'm pretty sure this is the son & daughter-in-law of Abner Stetler Sr. and grandson. Dean
  • Phildelphia, PA, Pittsburg, PA
  • 1870-1906

More info re: STETLER'S from Dean THOMSON


Lara, I thought maybe you would like to see these. Dean ----- Original Message ----- From: To: Sent: Wednesday, March 11, 2009 11:02 AM Subject: Re: check
Went to Allegheny Cemetery today and you are going to be happy about the results. The Allegheny Cemetery records are screwed up, they have the Stetler name spelled wrong. I found Abner Jr., Caroline and Norris. There is also another Abner Stetler buried in the same lot without a marker. He passed away 5 Feb 1931. Attached are the pictures and lot information.     P.S. Please get me your mailing address again so I can send you what I have. I will add this fine , if I can
  • PA
  • 1800'S

More about Calvin Christopher Columbus Jackson NORRIS, from the web.

This is from the


<< Prev Thread  | Next Thread >> Isaac Norris of colonial PA fame.. detailed descendants needed   Replies: 2 Re: Isaac Norris of colonial PA fame.. detailed descendants needed willow703  (View posts) Posted: 1 Oct 2004 8:42PM GMT Classification: Query Surnames: Norris, Willard, Cannon, Stetler, Jackson, Kincaid, Cauley, Rodgers, Westcott, Talbot, Snow Bruce,

Did you ever find that book by J. Parker Norris? I am also working on a line claiming to be from Isaac. I am working from an unpublished manuscript by Calvin C. J. Norris compiled between 1888 and abt 1928. Calvin does not mention anything other than a family Bible and does not claim descent from Isaac. A descendant of Calvin's brother, John Willard Norris, is referred to in a newspaper article as having Isaac as his 3gr-grandfather. By my count, his 3gr-grandfather is Thomas and Issac would be his 4 or 5 gr-grandfather. Thomas is as far back as I can reasonably believe. Thomas m. Sarah (____), their son, James , b.1754, m. Sarah Cannon, their son, John Merrideth Norris, b. 1802, m. Sarah Ann Stetler, their son, John, b. 1837, m. Emily R. L. Willard, their son,
John Willard Norris, b. 1859, was the father of the Fred Norris who was a subject of the article in the Union-Bulletin, Walla Walla, WA, 18 Jun 1950. Hoping that Iyou are still on the net, that I haven't overloaded you, that I have helped you and, perhaps, you can help me. This is not my direct line, being from the 2d marriage of a daughter, but I have a great interest in it. If anyone has questions that might be answered by the manuscript, I will try to help
  • PA,DC
  • 1800's-1935

More info on NORRIS, from web


(28)Provided by: Jan Williams -
1. Edward FITZ RANDOLPH 1607-1677 + Elizabeth BLOSSOM 1620-1717
2.    Benjamin FITZ RANDOLPH 1663-1746 + Sarah DENNIS -1732
3.       Nathaniel FITZ RANDOLPH 1703- + Rebekah MERSHON -
4.          Sarah FITZ RANDOLPH + Thomas NORRIS
5.             James NORRIS + Sarah CANNON
6.                John Meredith NORRIS + Sarah STETLER
7.                   Margaret NORRIS + John Moody PEEBLES
8.                      Cornelius Lee PEEBLES + Ellen M SCHRAMM
9.                         Connie Laura PEEBLES + Reginald Wirt CLAPP
10.                           Theodora CLAPP + Bailey Arthur WILLIAMS
11.                              Jan WILLIAMS
  • PA,DC
  • 1800's-1935

Abner William STETLER, by Dean THOMSON

Lara, I thought I'd tell you my reasoning for A. William Stetler being Abner. It is this: Every single listing of his business in the directoies of Pittsburgh are A. Stetler. I don't think he liked the name Abner although he had a son Abner. Anyway, I am confident enough to to say his full given name was Abner William Stetler. I have a job for you, I think Christian Stetler is listed in the 1810 census of Montgomery county, could you check Ancestry, if you would find a Christian Stetler age 30 or 31, that would be him! also if you find a female age 24 that should be Sarah Ann. I suspect she may have been married about age 19 since daughter Sarah Ann Norris was born 1804.  Thank you for your kind comments. i just met some very nice people via the internet. Dean

  • 1800's
  • Montgomery County, PA

Michael STETLER, from Dean THOMSON

Death of Michael STETLER, sent to me from Dean THOMSON


Fw: Harry S. Stetler Date: 5/12/2009 4:35:22 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time From: Reply To:   To:

  • PA
  • 1916

Also a daughter of John M. and charlotte Stetler


Sent from Dean THOMSON.

  • PA

Early American, NORRIS', info from Dean THOMSON.

The first Montgomery County Courthouse was built and in use by 1791. It was rebuilt on a much grander scale in 1854, and, subsequently, enlarged.

As the borough grew, various attempts to charter it as a city were vigorously opposed. In the early 20th century the Boro was apt to proclaim itself as the "biggest, busiest, and brightest Borough in the world."

What's in a Name?

In November of 1689, William Penn ordered Captain Thomas Holme (his surveyor general) to lay out a tract of ground on the canoeable part of the Schuylkill River. In 1704 Penn gave the land to his son, William, as a gift. Five days later William sold the 7,482 acre property to Isaac Norris and William Trent for 850 pounds. Trent sold his share to Norris in 1712, moving to New Jersey and founding what became the NJ State Capitol - Trenton.

William had named the area "Williamstadt" (William's Town). Other early names given to the site included "Norriton" and "Norritingham," derived from Isaac Norris and his descendants.

The borough contains two National Register Historic Districts: West Norristown and Central Norristown; also on the National Register are the David Rittenhouse Junior High School (Locust Street) and the General Thomas J Stewart Memorial Armory (Harding Boulevard).



To contact Mr. THOMSON, about NORRIS', referred here


Norris Date: 5/5/2010 3:01:09 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time From:

  • NJ
  • 1689-1854

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