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The Dalton Family History


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John Dalton comes to the USA from Ireland

  • Cork Ireland

John Dalton, born 1872, came over from Cork, Ireland, September 19, 1890.  His ship was called City of Berlin.   The conditions were unsanitary, very close quarters, and nothing to do for days on end. Most of the Irish that ventured to America were poor and had few skills.   They were struck by poverty and had neither education nor experience in any profession.  To make things worse, prejudice (resulting from religious bigotry or the refusal of other employees to work beside the Irish) often times made even the most menial jobs unobtainable for an Irishman. By 1850, many had become servants.

John worked building, farming, and any odd jobs he could find.  While working at the Westervelt  farm, he met Racy Westervelt, born 1882.  Her father was William Henry Westervelt (b. 1837), a Civil war vet, and her mother was a Native American.  John and Racy had seven children.  Frank (b. 1901), Nicholas (b. 1902), John Joseph (b. 1903), Howard (b. 1909), Charles (b. 1914), Clifford (b. 1917), and Eleanor (b. 1919).

John Joseph Dalton also worked building homes.  He purchased a small piece of land with a one bedroom home that he upgraded to a two bedroom, one bath with an attic.  He also had a farm next door that helped with food during times when he could not find work. John Joseph met Evelyn Mary Hilton (b. 1908). They wed December 24th 1924 in Albany, New York.  They lived in Clinton Park, New York, where neighbors would often come by and visit.  John and Eve always made them feel welcome.  They had many neighborhood gatherings, sitting at the picnic table.

John and Eve had seven children:  Jake (b. 1924), Raymond (b. 1925) Jerry (b. 1927), Mabel (b. 1931), Buddy(b. 1932), and twins James and Jeannie (b. 1938).  Buddy was killed at a very young age by a tractor.  The four remaining boys all volunteered in the military: Jake in the Army, Ray in the Navy, Jerry in the Marines and Jimmy in the Air Force. Ray was stationed in Japan to keep peace following the bombing there.  John and Eve were very proud of their boys for their service to their country.

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