Happy Father's Day to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney

Happy Father's Day to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney


An attempt to provide a conscience to evil hearts.

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Happy Father's Day

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Today is Father's Day, and I'd like to take the time to wish a Happy Father's Day to George and Dick.  It's not a sincere wish in any form though. It's a wish that they somehow may have a conscience on this day. That when their daughters call upon them to wish them happiness, that they reflect on what they've done to so many American children and Iraqis.

It's a wish that when they look at their living children, they somehow are forced to remember how many young ones they are responsible for making fatherless with their lies. Throughout America on this day, thousands of boys and girls will wake to the cries of other children squealing in the neighborhood, "Happy Father's Day." But for many of them this day will be empty, gray, and sad for them... for they have been robbed by deceit, lies, and greed by these men.

The feel of fingers tousling their hair are lost forever on this day, the smile of a father who gets a homemade card are gone. The joy on the faces when the father says, "Hey Bud, let's just go fishing today," will only remain memories to those children while Dick Cheney casts his 2000.00 fly rod somewhere in Wyoming with a sneer on his face. My prayer isn't for Bush and Cheney to grow what can't be grown in evil hearts of greedy men. My prayer on this day is for those left without dear old Dad. My prayer and my wishes are for you little ones. I wish you strength through these times, and that when you become men and women, that you will never let America be destroyed from within as it is happening today under these men.

Happy Father's Day George and Dick.

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