Jacob H R Beck of Davidson County, NC

Jacob H R Beck of Davidson County, NC


Jacob Beck in the Civil War

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Jacob H R Beck and Martha Catherine Shuler

  • Davidson, NC

Jacob H R Beck married Martha Catherine Shuler they had one child born after Jacob wasenlisted in the war.  William Edward Beck.   Martha Catherine remarried George W Seachrist. William married and devorced in NC.   He then travel to Indiana and Married Maggie K Imbler,  They had 2 children  Bessie and Olive.  They devorced and William Married Maggie's sister Eva.  William had contract TB prior to coming to Indiana.  He and Eva both died of TB.  They may have had a child, that may have been adopted by Eva's half brother William Imbler and his wife Charlotte, this is yet to be proven.   William is buried at Mt Jackson Cemetary in Marion Co, Indianapolis, Indiana.  Stone says he was in the Military,  Unsure what branch at this time.

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