16 Jun 1917 1
Oct 1970 1

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Full Name:
Jim Mohler 1
16 Jun 1917 1
Oct 1970 1
Last Residence: Little Rock, AR 1
Social Security:
Card Issued: Arkansas 1
Social Security Number: ***-**-1807 1

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Real Name : Earl Cornell Puterbaugh, Jr

b. June 16, 1917 in Mobile, AL

Father: Earl Cornell Puterbaugh Sr.  b. March 30, 1869 in Yorkville, Kendall Co., IL

died June 8, 1933 in Columbia, Maury Co., TN  2nd wife is mother of Earl C. Puterbaugh, Jr. aka James Earl Mohler.

 Mother: Elizabeth Louise Lizzie Evans b. April 13, 1889 in Brewton, Escambia, AL.

died, Nov. 22, 1957 in Jacksonville, FL.  married 2nd  Louis Blair Mohler.

Fact known is that Earl Sr. left 2nd family in abut 1927 and return to his first family. Louise had 4 children by Earl Sr.

Earl Cornell Puterbaugh, Jr. June 16, 1917 in Mobile, AL. died Oct 5, 1970 Nashville, Ark.  adopted by Louis Blair Mohler

Maud Edith Puterbaugh aka Bonny Lee McBride b. April 5, 1919 in Mobile, AL. died ?Placed in Tampa Children's Home in 1930

Leona Louise Puterbaugh b. Feb 14, 1923,  Mobile, AL. d. Set. 11, 1973 in Tampa, FLPlaced in Tampa Children's home in 1930.

Josehine Elizabeth Puterbaugh (Mohler)  b. June 4, 1925 in Mobile, AL d. March 22, Jacksonville, FL.  adopted by Louis Blair Mohler

The story goes that after Earl Sr. left Louise with 4 children to raise somehow Louise ended up in Tampa, FL. with 4 children to raise.  She worked as a housekeeper at the Wampler Boarding house.   She meet Louis B. Mohler who was the brother to the owner and cook at the boarding house.   When Louise and Louis decided to go to Jacksonville for new jobs, they took Earl Jr. and the baby Josephine with them and put Maud Edith and Leona Louise in the Tampa, Children's Home.  It was 1930.   So the two middle girls did not ever connect with their siblings again.  My research has been done in memory of my mother Leona Louise Puterbaugh.  I have connected with the Evans and Puterbaugh side of family. 

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