Jacob Pennywitt is mentioned as Captain in several soldiers' pension applications. Although Jacob Pennywitt died in 1813 and didn't have a pension record it is useful to explore other soldiers' pension applications to discern additional information about Jacob Pennywitt.


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Commanded by Capt. Jacob Pennywitt

Shenandoah County, Virginia

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George Harrell who was born in Shenandoah County, Virginia in 1755 enlisted for two months under the command of Captain Jacob Pennywitt on 23rd of March 1781. Mr. Harrell later moved to Meigs County, Ohio where he was living when he made application for a pension. He died in 1848. Many people from Shenandoah County moved to Meigs and Adams counties in Ohio after the Revolutionary War.

Capt. Jacob Pennyweight

Shenandoah County, Virginia

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Samuel K. Nicely joined early in the war, first serving one month under Captain Jacob Pennyweight and then enlisted againf or 2 months in Capt. Jacob Pennyweight's Company. Mr. Nicely was born about 1751 in Shenandoah County, Virginia and later moved to Amherst County, Virginia. He was living in Amherst County, Virginia when he filed for Pension Nov 1833.

Battle of Germantown

Millerstown, Shenandoah County, Virginia

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John C. Aleshite's pension application indicates he was in Captain Rouch's Command with Ensign, Jacob Pennywit. About Sept 1777 they marched from Millerstown, now called Woodstock (Shenandoah County, Virginia) to Reading, Pennsylvania. They arrived four days prior to the battle of Germantown which they then participated.

John C. Aleshite was born 23 Dec 1755 at Smith's Creek in Page County, Virginia. He applied for pension in 1832 while living in Page County.

Ensign Jacob Penniwit of District # 9

District 9, Old Dunmore County, Virginia

Old Dunmore County, Virginia Military Districts

There is a book at ancestry dot com which is titled Revolutionary War Records, Virginia, author not given.

pages 590-609 are from " Bird-Samuels Papers"; Original Records of Old Dunmore County, Virginia.---- Census and Revolutionary War Rolls of 1775.

Page 609: Military Districts, Old Dunmore County, VA

District # 9 Captain is G. Harrison; Lieutenant is John FiltzMiers and Ensign is Jacob Penniwit

Battle of Petersburg

Petersburg, Virginia

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Henry Aleshite had a very illustrious Revolutionary War Career. He was drafted into the Militia for a tour of 3 months under Capt. Jacob Pennywit and Marched with some other  companions to Petersburg, VA and was engaged in the skirmish of battle which was fought at that place May 1781. From Petersburg marched to what was called Mobbin Hills (?Mabbin Hills) 18 miles below Richmond.

Henry Aleshite was born 19 Feb 1754 Valley of Powell's Fort in Shenandoah County, Virginia and first entered the service in 1778.

Captain Pennywitt in Colonel Blackwell's VA Regiment


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Johnathan Seamands also had a very colorful Revolutionary history with multiple enlistments. One of his enlistments in 1778 was 2 months and 10 days in Captains Richard Webb and Pennywitt's Companies, Colonel Blackwell's Virginia Regiment.

Mr. Seamands moved to Jefferson County, Tennessee in 1806. He received his pension 9 March 1833 and died in 1834.

I wonder if his family was acquainted with Jacob Pennywitt's granddaughters and families, Lydia Pennywitt Neff; Susan Pennywitt Zirkle and Elizabeth Pennywitt Funk. These families all moved in Jefferson County, Tennessee in the 1830's.

Jacob Pennywitt d. 1813. I have exact reference. REVOLUTIONARY WAR RECORDS, VIRGINIA by Gaius Marcus Brumbaugh. Original was Volume 1 published in 1936. Reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co, Inc. Baltimore 1967. I am a descendant.

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