Margaret Newton's Rejected Rev. Pension

Margaret Newton's Rejected Rev. Pension

William Newton and Margaret Newton

  • Washington, D.C.

Rejected Pension Claim Pension Number: R. 7636

Children and their Birthdates

  • Cleveland County, North Carolina

Martha Newton, daughter of William and Margaret Newton, goes to court to testify. She provides written documentation of the children and their birthdates as follows:

Ebenezer Newton born 28 Sept 1799

Martha Newton born 13 May 1782

John Newton born 26 Dec 1785

William Newton born 11 Jul 1787

James Newton born 22 Jul 1792

Ebenezer Newton

  • Jackson County, North Carolina

Ebenezer Newton testifies he is a son of William and Margaret Newton. These two documents provide his signature and seal.

William Newton, the son testifies

  • Cleveland County, North Carolina

William Newton gives testimony in Cleveland County Court that he is the son of William and Margaret. Additionally he testifies that all of he and all of his siblings live in Cleveland County except Ebenezer, who lives in Macon County, North Carolina.

William testifies that he doesn't know exact date his parents married, but was prior to the surrunder of Charleston.

William signs with his mark at top of page 10.