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Gen. John Bayless, Landowner and Businessman

  • Broome Co., NY

John Bayless was born July 20, 1799, to Samuel Bayless and his wife Helena Cruser. He was the grandson of John Bayles and Susannah Burtis of Middlesex Co., NJ. His earliest American ancestor may have been John Bayles of Southold and Jamaica, Long Island, who arrived on Long Island in the 1600s.

John Bayless married twice, his first wife was Almira Cooper who died in 1851. His second wife was Adelaid Corbett, daughter of Ira Corbett and Juliette Boze of Broome Co.

John Bayless served in the New York State Militia. It is said that he rose through the ranks to achieve the rank of Brigadier General. He was known as "Gen. John Bayless". He purchased land in Broome Co. What was probably his largest plat of land was Lot. No. 27 in Conklin. It was on this lot that John established his farm. He also conveyed part of this lot to the Presbyterian Society of Conklin.

In 1844, John Bayless requested of the Broome County Clerk's office a deed and mortgage search regarding Lot No. 27. The results of this search were presented to the General on March 15, 1844, the same date on which he and his wife took out a $1,000 morgage on all of the lot save the part on which the church stood and about four acres that he had conveyed to Christopher Knight for a water privilege.

I own several of the original papers of Gen. John Bayless. These papers include deeds, mortgages, business papers, etc. On this page you can view images of the deed and mortgage search that was performed at the General's request.

Certificate of Search, Broome Co. Clerk's Office for John Bayless

State of NY, Broome Co. Clerks Office
I George Rum Clerk of the said Co. of Broome Do hereby certify the following to be a true Statement of the title deeds of a certain piece or parcel of land owned by John Bayless, and is described as Lot No. 27 on Thomas Patent lying in the town of Conklin in the county aforesaid so far as the said title can be made out from the records in this office to wit -

I       John C. Fisher to David Bayless & Chester Rude - Deed dated 26Oct, 1813.  Recorded in No. 4 pp 390 & 291 July 27, 1814

II      David Bayless to Chester Rude - Quit Claim Deed dated 22 Feb 1822.  Recorded book of Deeds No. 8 page 66

III     Chester Rude to Joshua Whitney - Deed dated May 27, 1826.  Recorded Oct. 23, 1826 in book of Deeds No. 10 p. 64

IV      Joshua Whitney & wife to John Bayless - Deed dated 15 Feb. 1832.  Recorded 7 March 1832 in book of Deeds No. 14 pp 132 & 133

V       John Bayless to Henry Cruser - Deed conveying 50 acres from the South side od said Lot No. 27.  Dated 29 April 1836,  Recorded 5 May 1836 in book of Deeds No. 18 pp 152 & 153

VI      John Bayless to Henry Cruser - Deed conveying one third of an acre .  Dated 9 March 1837.  Recorded 31 March 1837 in book No. 19 p. 184

VII     John Bayless to Christopher Knight -  Deed of four acres.  Dated 19 Oct. 1839.  Recorded in cook of Deeds No. 22 pp 13 & 14 Nov. 18 1839

And I further Certify the following to be a true Statement of the Incumbrances upon the
aforesaid premises as appear from records thereof viz. -

1       Broome Co. Plea - Gilbert Tompkins vs David bayless & John Bayless - Judgt for Peff(?) 4 July 1843 D $98.33 Costs 10.16 - D. S. & J. R. Dickinson attys.

2.      John Bayless to Aaron Belknap - Mortgage dated 29 Feb, 1844.  Recorded in Book No. 11 pp 185 & 184 (or 189) 29 Feb. 1844.  Consideration $1000.00

3       John Bayless to Samuel Williams - Mortgage dated 6 March 1844 & Recorded in Book No. 11 pp 200 & 201 15 March 1844 - Consideration $1000.00

I have searched the records of Deeds, the records and Dockets of judgements, also book
of mortgages, including loan office mortgages, in this office and the above and all the
Deeds incumbrance that I find against the above described premises.
In Testimony whereof I have hereunto I have set my hand and affix the Seal of the said
County of Broome at Binghampton the 15th of March 1844.  George Rum, Clerk

Certificate of chain of title and incumbrances from the Clerk of Broome for John Bayless

I certify that I have in my possession regular exemplifications of the title from the State
down to James C. Fisher for several lots in Thomas Patent, including the whole of Lot
No. twenty seven (No. 27) in the town of Conklin - and showing to the title ____? In him

  • before the date of his deed of 26 October 1813 to David Bayless and Chester Rude. -
    These exemplifications - commencing with the patent from the State to Wilson, Hooper
    and Bingham and through then down to James C. Fisher were obtained for the purpose of
    being used and was uses an the trial of an ejectment cause as Thomas Parent many years
    ago under which the plaintiff for whom I acted, and who devised his title through the
    same records - and the patent has been settled , and has been held under the same chain
    of title for more than twenty five years.  These exemplifications are from the secretary's
    office - Tioga Co. - from which Broome was formerly a part  and Broome County
    Clark's Office , the whole title appearing a record.

Dated Binghampton 16 March 1844
John A. Collier

Bayless Farm, Lot No. 27

  • Broome Co., NY

We hereby certify that we are acquainted with the farm owned and occupied by Genl John Bayless in the town of Conklin in the county of Broome – being 153 acres from the north side of Lot number twenty seven (No. 27) Thomas Patent – from which as we understand there has been sold a small lot on which the church stands and a piece of about four acres conveyed to Christopher Knight – the residue of the premises are are worth, at a fair evaluation, according to our estimate and best judgment the sum of four thousand five hundred dollars and upwards -

Dated Binghampton 16 March 1846

Thos Waterman

Levi Dimmick

Joshua Whitney & Wife to John Bayless, Lot No. 27

  • Broome Co., NY

The following deed is quite large, too large to scan without damage. I was able to scan the two parts presented below which were written on the back of the Indenture.

State of New York, Broome County -

On the 15th day of February A. D. 1832 personally appeared before me, Joshua Whitney and Julia Whitney, his wife, to me known - who severally acknowledged that they executed the within conveyance for the purpose therein contained - and the said Julia Whitney, being by one, privately examined, apart from her said husband acknowledged that she executed the within conveyance freely and without any fear or __ of her husband.

Wm. M. Waterman, Sup. County Court ___

Joshua Whitney to John Bayless

Lot No. 27 Thomas Patent, Broome Co.

Rec for and Recorded March 7, 1832 at 6 O Clock PM in book of Deeds No. 14 pages 132 & 133

B Marvin, Clerk