The First 10 Years

The First 10 Years


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The Beginning

  • Shrewsbury, Vermont

A week or so after we were married David took his first plane trip to Texas then Oklahoma for bootcamp.  Vicki proceeded to work 30 + hours at TJMaxx gaining a higher position of Merchandizing Lead of Zone 3 (1/3 of the store) Mens through Kids Deptartment.  This continued on through the summer.  David was transferred to Aberdeen Proving Ground in MD for AIT training.  Vicki went down taking a bus then the train for a weekend to visit.  Then David came to Vermont to visit Vicki.  After his return to MD they found out that he was to be stationed in KOREA next. This is the one and only place family cannot go.  So they attempted to try to get Davids orders changed.  Dave working on his end with all his teachers and superiors.  Vicki here with the senate!  Unfortunately, David couldn't get a transfer anywhere else and had to fail his PT tests to earn a dishonerable discharge, due to that he never recieved his welding certificate either-even though he was head of the class-top dog.  David returned to Vermont via Syrocuse NY where Joe Galarneau and Vicki picked him up, late one night.  Vicki and David started out there marriage living on the floor of Vicki's parents house.  David found a welding job in Downtown Ruland Vermont.  He was working there that Friday morning Vicki got dizzy and fell, she was 9 days over do with Vanessa.

Tillie brought Vicki to the hospital and they had some test done, admitted Vicki, then Vicki called Dave telling him to come to the hospital after work, not to rush it would be a while.  Since they wanted to monitor Vicki they moved her to another wing for the night but at somepoint needed to move her back to the birthing ward because her water broke!  With a lot of pain, back labor and screaming Vanessa came into the world at 2:31 pm Sat. afternoon January 10th 1998 (6 lb 15oz)!  All natural and healthy!

In February the Wyman Family moved out of the Galarneau House and into Regency Manor of Rutland, Vermont.  Vanessa got the chicken pox from her uncle Mark right before her first birthday,Mark was 7 then.  Soon after the move David got a job with Rutland Newspaper as a deliveryman, terrible hours and many speeding tickets later he moved on the another welding job in East Clarendon, VT for Brute Manufacturing (logsplitters) where he worked until Jan 2000.  During this time Vicki went back to work for TJMaxx in March of 1998 and continued there till Feb of 2000.

With the Millenium came a big change for the Wyman Family.  They decided to move to Maine.  Vicki was ready to have another child and take time off from work.  David went to Maine and got a job and apt. while Vicki packed up there home in VT, taking 2 weeks to complete.  Vanessa had just turned two.  David Sr. and Joan made one trip down with their Bronco and Uhaul, Dave with his truck, then the rest was up to Vicki to tow up with Vanessa.

The Wyman Three started out in a second story apt house on Murry St. in Bingham Maine, right next to the fire station, but within walking distance to everything in the small town.  While Dave worked 60+ hours a week Vicki stayed home potty training Vanessa and trying to get pregnant again.  Then in May of 2000 she did!  At this point David had moved from one job to another and in Sept was let go from it.  Without a way to pay for the apt. we moved in Oct. to the Concord Trailer Park, into a run down trailer then owned by Davids Aunt Alice.  She let us stay there until we got on our feet, which is when we paid for the trailer.  Vicki and Dave wanted to wait to let people know about the baby untill they knew what it was.  Over Thanksgiving they informed the families that Mason Francis Wyman would be joining them in the spring of 2001!  In Nov. David found a job in Monmouth Maine 2 hours drive away, sandblasting. During his time there he had a small accident where he sandblasted his face, leaving very small metal balls embedded in his face.  Luckily, he missed his eyes.  His lips were quite swollen for a while, if you were to lift the upper lip over you would still see some of the metal still there.  Then David got a Maintainence job in Solon, Maine which put him on thirds shift, but only 8 miles from home.

One evening while David was at work Vickis started with contractions, no sleep that night.  Vicki had a doctors apt. that next morning so as Dave came home from work she packed him up and drove herself 30 mins with contractions as Dave slept to Skowhegan Maine, @ this point she is again 9 days overdo.   After admitting Vicki to Redington Fairview Hospital the two set in for another long night.  The next day Vicki goes into hard natural labor with more back pain.  At 11:51 pm Mason Francis Wyman joins the Wyman Family (10 lb 5 oz) April 3rd. 2001 (sharing his birthday with a 2nd cousin-Debra Taylor-Dronsejko).  Vicki proceeds to have a tubal while in the hospital.  One month later David enjoys a vacetomy!

Returning to the trailer as a family of four, David proceeds to start fixing it up.  After some major renovations it is now worth trying to sell.  The company in Solon David worked for went out of Business so he move to a welding job in Winslow Maine (1 hour away) a year later to the woods again for more money but also more hours.  Once Mason was a year old Vicki was ready to go back to work part time.  She found a job at a local diner/gas station, which she still currently works (2008).  Vanessa has spent a few months in a HEAD START program (in North New Portland, ME) by this time and will be going to a half day program of Pre-K @ in Moscow, ME in Sept 2002.  Christie Lindell makes a day visit to us here in Concord that summer, getting to see Masons bright blonde curly hair.

In Oct 2003 Dave and Vicki sell their trailer to the park owners and move across the Kennebec River to Moscow, ME where they continue to live (2008). This is David and Victoria's 5 year mark.  Over the next 5 years David will have switched his job occupation 4 more times.  Moving between welding and wood operation.  Vicki becomes a Girl Scout Volunteer, then Co-Leader, then Leader.  Vicki gains certification in CPR and First Aid.  She joins kick boxing for a year, then Yoga, which she takes over teaching (and continues still-2008)!  She joins the PTO and becomes the Chair!  She starts substitue teaching in 2007 at the three local schools.

During this time Vanessa has taken three years of dance classes.  Joined the girl scout troop, art club, swim lessons, good news club, tball, soccor, learn to alpine ski and snowboard, sunday school-continuing schooling at Moscow, till 4th grade.

Mason has been involved with soccor, good news, tball, sunday school, alpine ski and snowboard, art club and has been in Moscow for the past 3 years (2008).

Since buying their home Dave and Vicki have been tirelessly working on landscaping and home improvement.  After their 10th anniversary in 2007-spent in Montreal and Quebec Canada.  A August trip to MI to visit with Vicki's Family and Niagra Falls, they started an addition that they are still currently working on (2008).  Ten years fly by.  At the ten year mark. Vanessa was 9 years old!  Mason was 6 years old!  Currently just turned 10 and 7 in 2008!  Vicki and David's 11 year Anniversary will be in one week after this entry.

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