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Baby Harriet and Her Mother

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  • Sheboygan, Wisconsin

This story of my GrandMother and her baby has been told to me by my Mother from the time I can remember.It always made me sad to think about the time when medical advances  in those days, was not what it is today. Mother and Baby died of TB. The Baby died on her 1St Birthday, her Mother two days later. My Mother was 11, at the time,  her older sister was 16 , then young Jessie 9 and Beryl 5.  This left her Dad to raise 4 girls. When they came home from the burial grampa took all the clothes, beding,pillows , linens and furniture out to the back yard and burned it all up. As you can imagine how hard it was for the family. I know that my Mother would cry a little as she the story. I often wonder how hard it must have been, In the cold frozen ground and the trip took two days and how exausted Granpa must have been. The description given alway's made me cry with her.

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