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76 years

  • the greater Portland area

The last picture in this portion of my life was taken in Waverly Baby Home. I was about 3 months old when placed there at the Home. I was later adopted from there in 1935. The date was 7th of August 1935. My Parents were married on July 31st 1935.  At the time of  my adoption a single woman could not adopt a child.  The Day that my adoption papers were signed was the day my Mother told my Dad she would marry Him. You see my Mother was the Superintend of Waverly. When she saw me she wanted me, what can I say , my papers were signed that March  10 th Lucky/? , Yes Yes & Yessssssssssssssssssss,

Waverly was a home for unwanted, lost, sick, any child who had no place. The home had room for 85 children a staff of about thirty people. Two or three Doctorson call, Two other nurses. attendants, cooks, laundry, sewing lady,cleaning, janitor I Think thats it.I get tired eazy so will to do more later. It took me 3 days to figure out how to get my pictures posted

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